23 December 2013

Sample Stash #1: Cleansers

I'm always eager to pick up new samples to try, but I'm not nearly as good at actually using them.  The result: a mild case of sample hoarding.  With that in mind, I'm starting a new series of Sample Stash posts, which will be a chance to share mini reviews as I use things up.  Obviously I can't know how something performs long term from a foil packet, but I can give my first impressions and whether it's sparked my interest enough to buy.   

First up...cleansers!

Oy! Cleanser, Make-up Remover & Moisturizer
For something marketed as a cleanser, make-up remover, and moisturizer, I'm disappointed to report that this product failed me on all three counts.  It struggled with mascara and didn't touch my eyeliner, even after two cleanses.  It also left my skin feeling tight and dry, so I really don't see how it could be used as a moisturizer.  Considering that the scent was not a hit either - some kind of artificial/cleaning product orange - I'm writing this one off as a complete flop.  

Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner
A part of me has always shuddered at the thought of this product - a 2-in-1 Cleanser and Toner - but I may have judged it too harshly.  It's a watery cleanser with a refreshing lemony/citrus scent.  I wish the consistency was a little thicker - it's as thin as water - as I'm not 100% sure how to work with a cleanser like this.  I end up pouring a little into my palm and then massaging it onto damp skin and rinsing off, but inevitably some gets lost down the drain in the process.  Even so, I do quite like it, particularly for morning cleansing, when it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed.  I'm currently working through a second sample, but I'd consider purchasing a full size in the future.

Pai Camelia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
Since this is a popular product with a lot of other green beauty bloggers, I was expecting great things, and for the most part, it didn't let me down.  It's a thick cream cleanser that leaves skin cleansed, soft, and happy.  It also removes makeup pretty easily.  The only sticking point for me is the smell.  I don't generally enjoy rose scents, and while this one wasn't overly strong or unbearable, I don't know that I'd purchase the full size as it stands now.  If Pai released another scent, I'd be all over it!

Sibu Beauty Balancing Facial Cleanser
Sibu's cleanser has a gel consistency and tiny particles that gently exfoliate.  It lathers a little but isn't harsh or overly stripping.  I really don't feel strongly about this one either way - I guess it just failed to wow me.  

So nothing that'll usurp my Kahina Cleanser's spot as "favorite cleanser," but I enjoyed trying these four nonethless.  I may yet buy the Weleda, but I doubt I'll be bringing home any of the other three.  Have you tried any of these?  Any other cleanser recommendations?


  1. I've had that Weleda Cleanser/Toner sitting on my shelf for a whiles but have yet to open it! Too many other cleansers to use first. I am also befuddled by it, but glad to know you like it.

    1. I do! Have you tried Weleda's Almond Cleanser? It's a little more functional and also really nice :)

  2. For the Weleda one could you use it like a cleansing water and pour it onto a cotton pad first maybe?

    1. I did think of that at one point, but I generally like to keep cotton pads to a minimum, so I never tried it. I'll have to give it a whirl like that :)

  3. Great post! i had a bit the same problem with the Weleda one....I also found that it didnt remove the make-up quite well :-).

    1. Thanks! I assumed as much, so I haven't even tried taking makeup off with it! It's been working really well for me in the morning though :)


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