Tag: Green Beauty Characters

It's taken me a couple weeks to get to it, but I was tagged by Nicole of EcoChicBeautyDiva to do the Green Beauty Characters Tag, originally created by Sonya of Life in Blush.  Here goes nothing!

Photo courtesy of NatuRia Beauty
  1. On my nightstand you’ll find: I'm not using a nightstand right now, so these things are scattered around my room instead, but if I were, it would have a mug of water, lip balm, a couple essential oils, hand cream, and rosehip seed oil (which I like to mix into the hand cream.)

  2. The literary character I’m most like is (take this quiz and share your answer!): Hermione from Harry Potter, apparently.  "You are smart, witty, and love a challenge. You use rationality and reason in all things. You are measured and stable and you don't let people push you around."

  3. I’m currently obsessed with: Holiday shopping, finding the perfect bronzer, figuring out life things.

  4. My favourite superhero is: Wolverine!  You can't really go wrong with Hugh Jackman, can you?

  5. Favourite beauty product of 2013: It's a toss up between Une's Skin Glow Pencil and my beloved face oils.

  6. If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: I'm drawing a blank here, so I'm going to pass.  Will have to update this when I think of someone!

  7. Winter is coming – how do you prep your skin for battle? I've been slathering on extra oils and topping it off with a cream moisturizer or balm when necessary.  I've also been extra diligent about dry brushing pre-shower.  

  8. My perfect date night makeup consists of: Some kind of shimmery neutral eye and a soft (sheer) red lip.

  9. My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: Staying hydrated in general, but more specifically drinking coconut water.  My skin is visibly glowier when I drink it regularly!

  10. My TV boyfriend is: Not sure anyone more recent qualifies, so let's stick with an oldie but a goodie: Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  11. If my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: Either lip balm or whatever else is on my lips.

  12. One beauty tip I would pass on to my real/fictional daughter: Good skin comes from the inside out.  Do the basics: stay healthy, eat well, drink lots of water, etc. and your skin will reap the benefits.

  13. The most nostalgic item from my childhood: I still have a couple dresses from when I was small.  Just because.

  14. My favourite TV show of the moment is: This one is harder than it should be!  There are a few shows I keep up with, but I'm not really LOVING any of them just now.  

  15. My favourite quote is: I'm really struggling over all the absolutes in this tag! I don't know if this is my most favorite quote ever, but it's one I like: 

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”  - Audrey Hepburn

Instead of tagging anyone specific, I'll just leave this open to anyone who wants to join in.  If you do, make sure to link your post in the comments so I can read it!


  1. Loved your answers. This is such a fun tag :-) xx


  2. This has been such a great tag to read, it's really featured on so many blogs now! I've been really interested in Une products and definitely want to try the glow pencil :) x

    1. It's certainly made the rounds! The pencil is the only thing I've tried from Une, but I definitely want to try more :) I wish we had easier access to their products here!