2012 Holiday Gift Guide Part #2

Today I've got the second installment of my gift guide: gifts that cost a little more, but are still very affordable.  This bunch will cost you more than $10, but still less than $25.

1. Kitchen Stories Organic Tea Bar ($16)
Your choice of three organic tea blends, served up in cute (and practical) tins.  A great choice for any tea drinker!

2. Sugared Beauty Merry Mint Value Set ($20)
Full sizes of Sugared Beauty's coveted sugar scrub and their newer body wash, both in merry mint scent: perfect for the holiday season.

3. Book of Shadows Magnetic Makeup Palette ($16.99)
These palettes are gorgeous!  They're magnetic freestyle palettes which, like the Z or Uni Palettes, will hold any depotted makeup pans.  Unlike their mass-produced counterparts, these are handmade and come in a great range of colours and patterns.

4. A Perfume Organic Sample Set ($22)
Nontoxic perfumes can be pretty pricey, which is why this sample set is so fabulous.  Here, you - or your giftee - can try all five of A Perfume Organic's scents before committing to any one.

5. Biggs & Featherbelle Mini Soap Sampler ($21.99)
Eight half-size handmade soaps, all wrapped up and ready for gifting.  You could also easily split the set up to give to more than one person.  Biggs & Featherbelle has several other tempting gift sets too.

6. Real Techniques Core Collection ($18)
Good quality brushes make a huge difference to how your makeup applies, especially when it comes to face makeup like foundation and concealer.  This set includes all the brushes you'll need to do your base and the case doubles as a stand too.

7. 100% Pure Twinkle Twinkle Gift Set ($19)
100% Pure has a whole bunch of holiday gift sets available.  This is their smallest makeup one, which comes with their Halo Satin Eye Shadow (shimmery pearl) and Pewter Cream Eye Shadow Pencil (pearly silver.) 

And that's two out of three done!  Keep and eye out for the final part of my gift guide tomorrow.


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