2012 Holiday Gift Guide Part #1

I'm excited to have actually gotten my holiday gift guide together fairly early this year!  I've decided to split it into three parts, according to price.  Today, I've got my top picks for under $10.

Intelligent Nutrients products smell phenomenal and this soap has just the right amount of kitsch to go along with it.  Great for that person who's always extra busy or stressed. 

This is such a clever idea!  These glass ornaments are filled with enough organic mulling spices to make a gallon of wine or cider.  The store also sells equally gorgeous ornaments filled with different teas and coffee if that's more to your liking.

Peppermint castile soap: a million and one uses and Ecosoapia's packaging is definitely cute enough to make a gift of it!  Also available in five other scents.
Badger's lovely cocoa butter lip balm in beautiful colours!  One side is tinted and the other is a translucent shimmer.  Four colours to choose from. 

As I was typing this, it hit me that dry shampoo as a gift could potentially give the wrong impression, so make sure you're giving this to the right person!  Great between washes or just to give extra texture to your hair.

These tinned soy wax candles are free of any petroleum, colorants, or synthetic fragrances.  Scented with peppermint and vanilla, they sound perfect for the holidays.

Weleda's award-winning Skin Food, is super festive and all dressed up for the holidays!   I don't see these on the U.S. Weleda site, but they're available with free shipping from Naturisimo.  They've got crackers of a few other Weleda products too.

Crazy Rumors makes fantastic vegan lip balms all year round, but the gingerbread flavour is a limited edition for the holidays, so if gingerbread is your thing, I suggest picking it up soon.

I reviewed these a couple months ago and they remain one of my favorite lip glosses.  Beautiful colours, affordable, and they feel great on the lips.

Or really, any mineral eye shadows.  Most indie shadows will cost you less than $6, but I love how Shiro offers mini jars for even less.  Other great brands include Darling Gift Cosmetics (which also offers mini jars), Silk Naturals, and The Chequered Lily Apothecary.   

I hope this was helpful if you're on the lookout for natural and non-toxic gift ideas.  Parts 2 and 3 will be posted over the next few days.



  1. Lovely gift guide, I spotted the Weleda crackers the other day I really like the look of them. Also feel like I need Crazy Rumor gingerbread in my life :)

  2. yum, the gingerbread lip balm sounds good :p

  3. @sugarpuffish They look adorable! It's too bad they don't seem to be in North America.

    @Peiji It does, doesn't it :) I love gingerbread, especially this time of year!