Review & Swatches: The Starshine Company

I ordered way back in April and I've been meaning to get this review up for a while now.  Unfortunately, during this time, The Starshine Company has decided to close its doors.  They are still open now, but I don't know for how long, so I'd recommend ordering ASAP if something interests you.

I placed my order on Etsy, but The Starshine Company also has an independent website you can order from.

Everything arrived safely and well packaged.  Eye shadows come in 5 gram jars with black lids.  Jars had sifter seals and are labelled with the company, color name and full ingredients.

The Product
The eye shadows themselves are great quality.  They go on smoothly and blend easily.  There is a good selection of colours, everything from neutrals, pastels, and more subtle shades to brighter, more in your face colours.  Sea Foam, Golden Green, and Mint Candy are from the 80's Collection, which is made up of more vivid, bold colours, while Athena is from the Goddess collection, which focuses on more shimmery colours.  I'm really pleased with all the colours I ordered, but I especially love Athena and Mint Candy.  One thing to note is that these shadows don't have the best pigmentation on bare skin.  They're still fully wearable, but go on much sheerer and softer than over some kind of primer, which really helps the colours pop.


On bare skin (no primer)

Over Detrivore Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer

Bottom Line
The Starshine Company makes high quality eye shadows and I was sorry to hear they won't be a more permanent fixture in the mineral makeup world.  They are still open at the time of posting this, but I don't know for how long, so if you see something you're interested in, I recommend ordering right away.  They also have a Going Out of Business Sale going on now to get rid of stuff, so prices are very reasonable.  I've only tried their eye shadows, but The Starshine Company also make other products, including incense, blush, lip products, and finishing powder.



  1. I love ordering handmade stuff from independent sellers - it's more personal! It's too bad it is not staying open, those shadows are super pretty.

  2. Yeah, I was so disappointed to hear they will be closing soon!

  3. These are really pretty colours, too bad they are going out of business.