{save} Skincare Anti-Pollution Sleeping Mask + Vit C Booster

{save} Skincare generously sent me a few products last month to try out and I've been thoroughly enjoying the Sleeping Mask and Vit C Booster from the company's new Anti-Pollution line ever since.  {save}'s products are intended as a “safe refuge in an overloaded skincare market” and promote a simplified and gentle routine made with healthy and safe ingredients. {save}’s homebase and production is in Poland, and all products meet the EU’s stricter ingredient guidelines.  The company also errs on the side of caution and forgoes any ingredients with controversial safety considerations, including parabens, SLS, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, GMO’s, silicones, and colours. {save} products are also cruelty free and made without essential oils or fragrance (both synthetic and natural).

Anti-Pollution Sleeping Mask ($49 for 75ml / $23 for 30ml)
The Anti-Pollution line, as a whole, focuses on barrier repair and on protecting against environmental aggressors in order to prevent early signs of aging. The products are made with ectoin, a powerful natural ingredient that balances hydration levels in the skin and that has been shown in studies to counter the effects of UVA-induced cell damage.  Ectoin has high antioxidant ability and long-term moisturizing effects.

The Sleeping Mask is a hydrating treatment intended to moisturize, protect, and repair the skin barrier overnight. In addition to ectoin, it also contains nourishing shea butter and bacillus ferment, an enzymatic exfoliant naturally obtained by fermentation.  Bacillus ferment is a gentler choice than AHA's, but works similarly to remove dead skin cells and promote soft glowing skin. It also supports the skin's microflora, which, again, helps strengthen the skin barrier.

I love this product!  The mask has the consistency of a plush moisturizer and sinks into the skin similarly, but works overnight as an extra gentle resurfacer.  I apply about a pump and a half as the last step of a simple night routine and wake up to soft, moisturized skin that's smooth, clear, and glowy.  I like to mix in the Vit C Booster some of the time, but I also enjoy using the mask on its own when I want a more gentle treatment.

Anti-Pollution Vit C Booster ($48 for 30ml **on sale for $38 until Feb 23!**)
The Vit C Booster is a unique vitamin C product that can be used alone, as a serum, or mixed into a moisturizer or other product to boost its efficacy with enhanced antioxidant benefits and protection against external stressors.  {save} particularly recommends using the Vit C Booster in conjunction with the Anti-Pollution Sleeping Mask, and that’s been my favourite way to use it.  

The Booster is a potent product.  It contains ectoin, again, as well as stable vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, skin-calming allantoin, and moisturizing argan and sweet almond oils.  My skin is very used to and comfortable with vitamin C, but I still find this to be a strong treatment. It yields amazing results in terms of brightness, skin clarity, and luminosity, particularly in combination with the Sleeping Mask, but it does feel very active and warm for the first few minutes after application.  I haven’t experienced any irritation, just a noticeable warming sensation. I like adding the Vit C Booster to the Sleeping Mask only about twice a week, and if I use the Sleeping Mask more often, I will use it on its own.

The Bottom Line
I’m very impressed with both these products and with {save} in general!  The Sleeping Mask is wonderful alone, but the Vit C Booster takes the entire experience to another level.  If you have more sensitive skin, I would recommend using the Sleeping Mask alone, but if your skin is more resilient, it’s worth supercharging the experience with the Vit C Booster.  

{save} also kindly sent over a moisturizer from their original line, but I’ve been holding off on even opening it until I finish off a couple other products here first.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to stay current on that and all other things :)

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