Grounded Sage Floral Aura Skin Assessment (+ Instagram Giveaway!)

Happy Canada Day!  Grounded Sage (formerly Batty's Bath) is one of my favourite Canadian skincare brands, so today is the perfect day to share their Floral Aura Skin Assessment.  I've also teamed up with Grounded Sage for a giveaway over on Instagram, so make sure you check that out too!

In case you've missed my many previous raves, Grounded Sage, based in South-Western Ontario, features an extensive handcrafted product line that includes skincare, body care, and makeup.  The brand is constantly innovating with exciting new launches (like the dreamy-sounding Cucumber Refresh Facial Moisturizer they released just last week!) and always provides a ton of educational content in addition to their excellent products.  

Along with the re-brand from Batty's Bath to Grounded Sage, the company also updated their Floral Aura Skin Assessment, a fun way to navigate their line and to identify what products are best suited for your skin.  Rather than hard and fast skin types, the Floral Auras are about "where your skin is at right now and what natural botanical it currently aligns with."   I know my skin changes a good amount, season-to-season, so more fluid categories is definitely something that appeals to me!

The skin assessment is a simple, six-question quiz that can be completed in just a few minutes.  As soon as you have your results, you're directed to a page that lists:
- your top Grounded Sage product picks
- the benefits and pitfalls of your Floral Aura
- how to achieve balance for your Floral Aura
- relevant educational content and resources specifically tailored to your skin concerns 

I did the assessment with a focus on my current, summer skin needs and got Daylily.  This was really interesting because, while the characteristics DO fit, it's really not how I would first describe my skin if asked.  More on individual products another time, but I will say, I've been testing out some of the Daylily top picks over the last couple weeks and they've been working super well for me, so mega-points to the assessment!

Check out the Floral Aura Skin Assessment for yourself, then come share your results over on Instagram for a chance to win the top three product choices for your Floral Aura!

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