Canadian Brand Spotlight: Iremia Skincare

I’ve been trying out Iremia Skincare over the last couple months and I’m super excited to share this new brand discovery today!  Iremia, which is based nearby in Mississauga, Ontario, is a capsule skincare collection specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  The line, which was born out of personal need as Iremia’s founder, Elaine Li, searched for a solution for her own highly reactive skin, consists of just three products, all 100% natural, cruelty free, and made using high quality ingredients that are proven to calm sensitive and reactive skin.  The brand’s key tenets of simplicity, quality, health, safety, and honesty appealed to me right away and I was eager to dive into the products!

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Soothing Lotion ($58 for 60ml)
The Soothing Lotion was the first thing I tried and I was impressed from the very first use!  Formulated to calm redness and irritation associated with sensitive skin, this velvety moisturizer combines popular sensitive skin heroes aloe vera, shea butter, manuka honey, beeswax, and calendula with African mahogany tree bark extract, a new-to-me ingredient with antimicrobial properties that’s been clinically proven to improve skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production, and reduce fine lines, pores, and wrinkles.  

The result? A creamy, lightweight moisturizer that sinks into the skin like a dream, moisturizes well, and truly does an incredible job tackling surface redness. My skin is often a little pink after cleansing -- not from any one product, but more so from the stimulation -- and the flushing generally persists through the rest of my skincare routine, but with the Soothing Lotion, I’m left with zero redness almost immediately. It really is an impressive difference!  

The Soothing Lotion has quickly become a go-to for sensitive skin days or following harsher treatments like my Sonic Refresher.  The lotion is scented with lavender and lemon essential oils and has a mild calming fragrance.

Protective Cream ($58 for 60ml)
Intended for extremely dry and dehydrated skin and noticeably richer than the Soothing Lotion, I was less sure about the Protective Cream initially, but it ended up an end of the winter skincare superstar.  Winter stuck around pretty late this year, and, like many of us, my skin was feeling dry and lackluster towards the end -- at least until the Protective Cream turned that around! The cream is soothing and gentle, but also intensely nourishing and very moisturizing.  Made with avocado oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax, the Protective Cream not only tackles dryness and dehydration, it also provides a protective barrier from environmental elements and external stressors. The cream never feels heavy or greasy, but it’s seriously potent and moisturizes deeply. And, it takes on dry patches like a pro!

Now that the weather’s warmed up, I’ve been reaching for the Protective Cream less often, but I still enjoy using it one or two nights a week for a serious dose of moisture.  (It basically fills the role of a moisturizing overnight mask!) It’s rich and luscious, and I also reach for it in place of an eye cream many times. Lavender, palmarosa, and rose essential oils offer regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits, and also give the cream a soft floral scent.  

Facial Oil ($62 for 30ml)
The two moisturizers have been the superstars of Iremia's line for me, but the Facial Oil is no slouch either! Beautifully lightweight, the oil is a blend of 11 plant oils, including jojoba, argan, rosehip, sea buckthorn, avocado, and camellia seed.  I love combining a couple drops of the Facial Oil with my vitamin C serum in the morning to create a micro-emulsion and minimize the number of steps in my routine, and it works great on its own too. The oil absorbs well and sinks in quickly, making it perfect for both morning and nighttime use.  It’s a gentle product, again, and one that leaves my skin plump and glowy. It also smells sweet and candy-like to me, although with palmarosa, rose, and rose geranium essential oils, I’m not sure where my nose is getting that from!

The Bottom Line
I enjoy a lot of the products I try out, but I can’t think of another line that’s impressed me so much, so quickly!  There’s a real cohesiveness to Iremia’s line, and while sensitive skin is clearly the company's target demographic, I think the products would suit a variety of different iterations under that overarching heading.  The Soothing Lotion and Facial Oil are both fairly lightweight, perfect for normal skin or even oily-combo, while the Protective Cream is wonderful for dryer or mature skin, or as an occasional intense moisturizing treatment.  All three products are versatile and can be mixed and matched, used in various combinations, and individually. The two creams are absolute standouts for me and I can see myself repurchasing either (or both!) in the future.

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