Marin Bee Detox Masque

I fell hard for the Marin Bee Lip Repair a few months ago, but it took me a little longer to come to appreciate the company’s Detox Masque* ($48 for 2 ounces).  Let’s just say it wasn’t love at first mask for me and this guy.  To be completely honest, I didn’t like it very much at all the first time I put it on my face.  

I've since changed my mind on all but one of these points, but that first time using it, I found:
It was sticky and hard to spread.  
I felt like I used up half the tube on that one mask.
I didn’t like how it smelled.  
And, most important of all -- I didn’t notice any difference or improvement in my skin.  

I set the Detox Masque aside for a couple months and when I gave it another go more recently, with a little tweaking and perhaps the weather change from spring to summer, I’ve come to really enjoy using it.

The major change I made? Adding in a small amount of water (or hydrosol, or toner) before applying the mask onto my face.  The extra liquid helps thin out the mask, allowing it to spread much more easily on the skin so you need considerably less product.  It also helps the mask feel much less sticky and gooey.

Since re-trying it, I've also seen an improvement in my skin following the mask.  My skin looks bright and healthy, the pores on my nose and cheeks look cleaner (and therefore smaller and less visible), and my face is very soft to the touch.   

I will say, I'm still not a big fan of the mask’s smell as it sits on your face.  Straight out of the tube, it smells mostly sweet, like honey, but the sulfur comes through as the mask sits on the skin and, in combination with the other ingredients, is very reminiscent of pungent garlic.  I don’t love it, but it’s much more bearable when everything else is working for me.  

Let’s talk about ingredients...

The mask is made up of ⅓ California wildflower honey.  Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it’s a natural humectant.  It's fantastic for all kinds of skin and here it does a fantastic job balancing and tempering the more active ingredients in the mask.  

Kaolin clay is one of the more gentle clays out there, but it's still very effective at drawing out dirt and impurities.  

Sulfur and pumpkin enzymes balance oil production, get rid of dead skin cells and provide gentle, chemical exfoliation.

Aloe vera, zinc oxide, and oats offer soothing benefits and help to reduce redness and inflammation.  

All in all, the Detox Masque is a great mask for treating acne, blemishes, or clogged pores without overly drying or stripping the skin.  Marin Bee has packed the formula full of skin nutrients and soothing botanicals that elevate it far above your standard clay detox masque.

I’m not sure why I had such a different reaction to the mask on the first go, but I’m definitely a fan now.  I’ve also had good results dotting the mask onto blemishes and leaving it on as an overnight spot treatment.

The Bottom Line
Marin Bee has done it again!  This honey-based line has some real gems and I’m happy to say, the Detox Masque is, on second try, another one. The mask offers purifying and detoxifying benefits in a gentle formula that won’t leave skin feeling stripped or overcleansed.   

* Press sample

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