Spring Body Oil Standouts ft. Sukin + Flora Remedia

Are you a body oil convert?  Personally, I switch back and forth between lotions and oils, but I've been having a moment with body oils recently, and two in particular: the Wellbeing Body Oil from Sukin, and the Detoxing Body Oil* from Flora Remedia*. 

General body oil gospel is to apply oils onto wet skin before toweling off, but my first priority post-shower is always my hair.  As fellow curlies can attest, letting curly hair dry too much before styling only results in unnecessary frizz and struggles, so my routine is always hair, then face, then body.  As a result, I prefer more lightweight body oils that don't require soaking wet skin to absorb properly.  I still want my oils to pack a moisturizing punch, but they also need to allow for some versatility in application.

Both of today's picks are just fine to apply onto mostly dry skin, and that's how I usually use them.  If I'm feeling fancy, I might mist myself with some kind of hydrosol or aloe spray before going in with the oil, but more often than not, I just slap them on and go.  Neither one leaves me feeling greasy or requires any significant wait time before pulling clothes on.

I really like Sukin products and the Wellbeing Body Oil has been on my mental wishlist for years, but it wasn't until I spotted it severely discounted at Winners that I finally took the plunge.  Now that my bottle is on its last legs, I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to finally get my hands on it!

The Wellbeing Body Oil has Sukin's signature vanilla-orange scent.  Citrus and vanilla is a fairly common scent pairing, but I think Sukin's version is one of the best.  It's sweet and pleasantly reminiscent of creamsicles, but also elegant and not overly young or sugary.  To draw a couple comparisons, I'd say Sukin's aroma is lighter and more citrusy than the Rachel's Plan Bee products and much less sweet than Andalou Naturals' candy-like mandarin vanilla line.  For me, it's a very wearable scent.  I enjoy the smell when I use the oil and I can smell it on my skin for close to a day, but it doesn't overwhelm the senses or cause me any problems.

The oil itself is a nourishing blend of sunflower, jojoba, rosehip, marula, evening primrose, avocado, sweet almond, wheatgerm, and soybean oils that's further enhanced with soothing calendula extract and vitamin E.  I could do without the soy oil -- it's just generally not an ingredient I love -- but the product as a whole is beautiful.  It's a medium weight oil, but one that sinks in very nicely, even on dry skin.  It does a fantastic job moisturizing and leaves skin feeling extra soft and silky.

Flora Remedia uniquely blends together plant based ingredients, essential oils, and flower essences to create products intended to help you feel your best -- mind, body, and soul.  Along those lines, the Detoxing Body Oil promises to do more than just moisturize the skin.  The act of massaging in any oil helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn contributes to normal and healthy detox processes and Flora Remedia has formulated their oil with thoughtful ingredients to maximize these benefits.  The product description specifically talks about reduced cellulite and water retention, but since I don't deal with a lot of either one, I'm not comfortable judging it on those criteria.  Whether or not you observe any clear detox perks, the oil makes a fantastic body moisturizer!

I think the liquoricey scent will be a little more polarizing than the Sukin, but I, for one, like it a lot.  With essential oils chosen for their detoxifying benefits as well as their fragrances, the oil contains a distinctive mix of grapefruit, fennel, rosemary, lemon, and juniper, but the predominant scent, to my nose at least, is without a doubt the fennel.  It's sweet, fresh, and liquoricey.  I don't find the fragrance lasts on the skin beyond a few hours, but liquorice and fennel are such love-it-or-hate-it tastes, so I think a lot will come down to that preference.

The oil has a lightweight base of sunflower and safflower oils that, again, absorbs very well into the skin.  I think the Detoxing Body Oil would be a great choice for someone newer to moisturizing with oils or for anyone who usually finds oils too heavy, as it has a lovely light and nongreasy feel on the skin.  The oil also contains crab apple, impatiens, and larch flower essences, which offer extra feel good benefits.
The Bottom Line
Whether you're a longtime body oil convert or a newbie, you can't go wrong with either of these!  Both smell great, moisturize well, and absorb easily into the skin.  As an added bonus, the Flora Remedia Detoxing Oil also offers potential detox and mood boosting benefits.

Have you used either of these oils?  What are your favorite body oils?

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  1. Flora Remedia Detoxing oil is definitely a great choice!

  2. I just purchased the Flora Remedial blend. I am anxious to try it .