POLYN: Plant-Based Aromatherapeutic Skincare

There are lots of new and exciting things going on in the green beauty world right now and today I'm excited to introduce POLYN, a fantastic new skincare brand I've had the pleasure of trying out.  POLYN is the latest addition to SKINourishment, a 20-year old natural skincare company best known for its climbOn and crossFIXE products designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts.  

Created by aromatherapist and Eastern medicine practitioner Polly Glasse, POLYN blends together its founder's background in science, aromatherapy, and Eastern healing modalities to create carefully crafted skincare products that are vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA, and that also meet standards set out by the European Union's stricter regulatory bodies.  

This post is kindly sponsored by POLYN, but all thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.

POLYN's products are made in small batches in Texas from top quality, non-GMO and food grade ingredients and are free of unnecessary toxins and fillers.  Everything is completely free of synthetic ingredients, 100% natural and plant-based, and addresses skin needs while offering aromatherapeutic benefits at the same time.  

I've been trying out three of POLYN's core face products -- the Invigorating Face Wash, Regenerative Face Serum, and Cooling Under Eye Serum -- and I'm eager to share my thoughts on everything.  

Foamy cleansers that don't strip or dry out your skin can be hard to come by, but that's exactly what POLYN has achieved with the Invigorating Face Wash.  With a castile soap base and a foaming pump, the wash creates a light foam that lathers, glides over the skin easily and rinses away completely with a quick splash of water.  My favorite way to use it has been as the second step in a nighttime double cleansing routine.  I go in first with an oil cleanser to remove my makeup, followed by the Invigorating Face Wash, which gets rid of any leftover oil or makeup residue and deep cleans my skin.

The mild castile base is boosted with horsetail, coltsfoot, ashwagandha, and willow bark extracts, herbs rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and silica.  The Face Wash also contains peppermint essential oil, which gives the wash a gentle but invigorating tingle.  It leaves your face with that super fresh and clean feeling that so many people look for in a cleanser, without any of the negative stripping or drying effects of an actual squeaky clean wash.

I'm quite picky about scents and floral scents in particular, so this was the product I was a little nervous to try.  The first ingredient is tuberose wax, a new one for me, and the serum has an intoxicating, beautiful scent that's fresh, floral, and herbal all at the same time.  Despite my initial reluctance, the Regenerative Face Serum actually ended up being my favorite of the three POLYN products I tried!  

In addition to tuberose wax, the serum is power-packed with great ingredients: olive, argan, rosehip, red raspberry, and sea buckthorn oils, shea butter, willow bark, coltsfoot, ashwagandha, ginseng, and helichrysum extracts, and cedarwood, petitgrain, ylang ylang, and ginger essential oils.  All this goodness combines together to create a serum designed to stimulate collagen production, promote healthy cell turnover, and rejuvenate and refresh both the skin and mind.

The serum has a vibrant color and a creamy feel.  The first couple times I used it, it pumped out a little extra oil that wasn't fully mixed in, but after a couple applications and some vigorous shaking, everything was re-incorporated and I haven't had any separation since.  The serum is intensely hydrating and nourishing and feels very lush and creamy on the skin.  At the same time, it absorbs quickly, leaving skin plump, moisturized, super soft, and ready for makeup or additional skincare steps.

The Cooling Under Eye Serum is an aloe vera-based gel made with many of the same plant extracts and oils as the Face Wash and Regenerative Serum.  It also includes two of my favorites: meadowfoam oil and frankincense essential oil and was formulated to diminish fine lines and minimize dark circles.  Since dark circles and under eye puffiness sometimes feel like the bane of my existence, I was pretty excited to test this one out.  

The Eye Serum has a lightweight feel, but offers a generous dose of hydration nonetheless.  The serum feels cool and refreshing, even at room temperature, and really does visibly reduce eye puffiness and bags within a few minutes of application.  I haven't noticed a significant difference on my dark circles, but I generally find they're more a product of sleep and other lifestyle factors anyways.  The serum plumps the skin, reduces puffiness, and leaves a fantastic smooth canvas that's perfect for makeup application.  POLYN also suggests using it all over your face for extra moisture and rejuvenation.

The Bottom Line

POLYN has made it their mission to create 100% plant-based products that improve the quality of our lives, our animals, and our planet, and that care and attention really does come through in the company's products.  I've thoroughly enjoyed all three items, but I'm especially smitten with the Regenerative Face Serum.  Without waxing too poetic, I feel like the Face Serum, in particular, epitomizes everything I look for in healthy beauty products.  It has fantastic ingredients, feels really beautiful and luxurious to use, but doesn't have an outrageous, over the top price tag that would put it out of reach for many people.  

With top notch ingredients, recyclable and environmentally conscious packaging, generous product sizes, affordable prices, and gentle and effective products, POLYN is definitely a line I'll be keeping an eye on!     

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Have you tried anything from POLYN or the other SKINourishment brands?  

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  1. The Cooling Under Eye Serum sounds so nice! I've never heard of this brand but the line looks really great!