Beat Acne Without Killing Your Skin? Apoterra Skincare's Neroli Clarifying Toner Has You Covered!

I've been really into making and customizing my own homemade toners the last couple years, so it takes something special to get me interested in incorporating a pre-made one into my routine.  But, that something extra is exactly what Apoterra Skincare (formerly Caru Skincare Co) brings to the table with their Neroli Clarifying Toner with Vitamin C + Green Tea* ($38 for 4 ounces).

The toner's stellar ingredient list caught my eye immediately and the toner itself has certainly lived up to -- or even exceeded -- my initial expectations.  The Neroli Clarifying Toner is part of Apoterra's Blemish line, intended for oily and acne-prone skin, but it's gentle enough to suit a range of skin types.  While a lot of acne products take a more aggressive approach, Apoterra's blemish products are more focused on gently returning balance to the skin so it can function at its best.  Rather than drying out the skin with harsh ingredients, the Clarifying Toner takes a multi-faceted approach to treat and prevent breakouts while simultaneously offering antioxidant and even anti-aging benefits.  

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Willow bark extract and neroli and thyme distillates work to clarify the skin, balance oil production, increase cell turnover, and reduce blemishes by targeting clogged pores and killing the bacteria that causes acne.  Soothing aloe vera and antioxidant-rich green tea are also included, along with healing rock rose and helichrysum (immortelle) distillates, both of which have strong regenerative properties that treat scarring, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation from past breakouts.  Stable, water-soluble vitamin C and niacinamide boost luminosity, increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity and barrier function for overall healthier and more resilient skin.  The ingredients also include glycerin for a light moisture boost, but it's pretty low on the list -- always my personal preference for toners! -- so the spray leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, but never sticky.

I don't have particularly acne-prone skin, but I prefer clarifying toners to help with clogged pores and skin congestion and the Neroli Clarifying Toner does a great job with both.  I generally only use it once a day -- either morning or night -- and my pores have been looking pretty phenomenal.  A few light spritzes also work nicely on top of makeup, if I find my face looking too powdery or heavily made up.  I've noticed my skin looking extra bright and naturally glowy since incorporating the toner -- something I attribute to the vitamin C content -- and I've been dealing with less congestion too, despite a busy schedule that's had me slacking on face masks and other "extra" skincare products more often than not the last couple months.   

I've also grown to really love the scent of the toner -- predominantly a sweet and floral neroli with hints of something tart or slightly medicinal/herbal peeking through -- but I did find it pretty strong at first.  Bearing in mind that I'm ultra-sensitive to scents, the toner was never overpowering or offensive, but the scent was noticeable to me for several hours after using it the first six or seven times.  Since I've gotten more used to it, I notice it much less and, at this point, really only while I'm using it.  The dark glass bottle is great for protecting the ingredients and also dispenses a perfect light mist and just the right amount of product. 

The Bottom Line
The Neroli Clarifying Toner has superb ingredients and is very effective at gently clarifying without drying or stripping the skin.  I love Apoterra's three-pronged approach that targets active acne, leftover scarring and inflammation from past breakouts, as well as improved overall skin function, and this more holistic approach of addressing skin health from all sides looks to be pretty universal across the entire Apoterra line.   This was my first product from the brand,  but I'm fairly certain it won't be my last!

Have you tried anything from Apoterra Skincare?

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds lovely! I am obsessed with anything Neroli!! I'll have to check this brand out now! :-D xx

    1. Definitely do! The toner is seriously amazing :)