3 Green Products You Never Knew Existed

I've been using green and natural products for most of my adult life, but there are still moments when a new discovery truly makes me sit up and take notice.  That WOW feeling is the inspiration for this post, wherein I want to highlight greener options that you may or may not have heard of before -- both in the beauty realm and beyond.  Today's picks combine three things I never thought I'd pair together: birth control, hair dryers, and air freshener.

Low-EMF Hair Dryers
All electronic devices emit electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) when plugged in and in an increasingly electronic world, there's little doubt that most of us are constantly being bombarded with some level of this low-grade radiation.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there's no clear evidence to show whether or not EMF exposure increases cancer risk or other health problems, but, since the strength of electromagnetic fields fade with distance from the source, they recommend limiting time spent around a source and increasing the distance from a source to reduce exposure.  Obviously increasing the distance from your hair dryer is not a feasible option when drying your hair, but you can opt for a low-EMF model that emits significantly less radiation.  Interestingly, it's not crunchy companies leading the charge on this one either, but rather pro brands like Chi, that promise both less EMF's and faster hair drying times.  

ContraGel Green Gel
Birth control methods are classified as medical devices in North America, so bringing new and greener options to the market is often much more difficult and cost prohibitive than with other kinds of products.  It's an area where I really think healthier options are often lacking, but that's a whole other topic of conversation.  

Let's talk about barrier contraceptives for a minute.  For those looking for hormone free birth control, barrier methods like the diaphragm are often touted as one of the best choices.  However, many of these methods are not fully effective unless used in combination with spermicide or contraceptive gel.  And -- I'm sure you know where I'm going here -- the ingredients in conventional spermicides are far from ideal.  Regular use of Nonoxynol 9, the primary chemical used in spermicides, is linked to irritation, rashes, and even an increased risk of contracting HIV.  Crazy, right?  Not to mention all the other gross filler ingredients and preservatives in there.  ContraGel, on the other hand, has only five natural ingredients and relies on lactic acid to immobilize sperm.  It's also condom-compatible, vegan, cruelty-free, and free of dairy and gluten.  
[[Note: Like spermicide, ContraGel does not protect against STDs/STIs.  It's also not recommended as your sole method to prevent pregnancy, but if you're someone using (or looking to use) spermicides or a diaphragm, it's a great healthy replacement to look into.]]
Plug-In Air Fresheners
Essential oils and naturally scented candles are great home fragrance options, but I've met several people -- usually those newly transitioning to natural products -- looking for an easy one-to-one swap for something like a Glade Plugin.  And I finally stumbled onto one the other day!  Aura Cacia's Electric Aromatherapy Air Freshener is an essential oil air freshener that functions the same as conventional plug-ins, just with much cleaner ingredients.  You purchase the Electric Air Freshener itself the first time and then you can just buy the replacement refills from that point on.    

Of course, if you've already got the essential oils, a plug-in Scent Ball or Room Diffuser is an even better option that allows you to fully customize your scents!

Have you made any great green + natural discoveries lately?

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