Repeat Purchases: Top 10 Under $10

I love a good luxury product, but I dislike the assumption that green beauty has to cost a lot.  Fact is, with a constantly expanding market, today there are great healthy options available at any price point.  With that in mind, today's post features some of my very favorite inexpensive picks.  These are all items I've bought more than once and are products I'll continue to purchase in the future.  Prices might run slightly over $10 depending where you shop, but all items should be very affordable anywhere.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave
I've tried a lot of natural shaving products over the last few years and I always go back to Kiss My Face's Moisture Shave.  It's not a foaming product, but with a light lotiony consistency, it spreads easily, provides good slip for a razor, and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.  My favorite is the Key Lime for its zesty citrus scent that's fresh and not at all overpowering.  

Mineral Fusion Sheer Moisture Lip Tint
I've raved about these crayons several times before and they're still one of my very favorite lip products.  For me, they're the perfect combination of color and comfort -- sheer tints in a moisturizing, balmy base.  My absolute favorite is Glisten (warm caramelly nude), but I also love Glow (bright pink) and Shimmer (coral with a subtle sparkle).

Nourish Organic Body Wash
Nourish has a horrible habit of discontinuing my favorite scents, but I still constantly rebuy the body wash in whatever scents I can find.  As with all Nourish products, the body wash is made with top notch ingredients and is USDA certified organic.  It has a creamy, pearly consistency and a castile soap base and is really unlike any other body wash I've used.  Particularly if you have dry skin or are in search of something a little gentler and more moisturizing than your average shower gel, I highly recommend checking these out!

Humphrey's Organic Witch Hazel
If you're looking for an affordable toner, I highly recommend making your own with witch hazel.  Witch hazel, if you aren't already familiar with it, is excellent for balancing oil production and cleaning and refining pores, and can easily be infused with herbs and blended with essential oils and other ingredients.  This one, from Humphrey's, is a witch hazel astringent with 14% organic alcohol, but I prefer that to a lot of the preservatives found in alcohol-free witch hazels.  

Silk Naturals Sheer Blushes
I love a lot of Silk Naturals products, but the blushes just might be my very favorite.  The Sheer formula offers buildable color that's easy to work with and blend, so you never end up with accidental clown cheeks.  My longtime favorites are Lovelace (a dupe for Nars Deepthroat), Abstract, and Tchotchke, but with a huge color selection, there are so many great options!  Some shades do contain dyes, so if, like me, that's something you avoid, make sure you read the individual ingredient listings.  

Andalou Naturals Argan & Sweet Orange Shampoo + Conditioner
I discovered these earlier this year and I'm already working on my second bottles of both!  Of all the natural shampoos and conditioners I've used, this duo has probably the closest feel to conventional products.  The shampoo lathers easily and rinses clean, and the conditioner moisturizes without leaving any kind of residue behind.  Together, they leave my hair soft and bouncy with great curl definition, and while I wasn't sure about the sweet, candy orange scent in my hair at first, I've actually grown to really love it.  

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm
I have a few favorite lip balm brands, but I think Crazy Rumors is the one I've repurchased the most.  Not every flavor has been a complete success for me, but I love the actual balm formula, and I enjoy having so many different flavors to choose from.  My top picks?  Raspberry Sherbet and Plum Apricot.  

Acure Argan Oil
Argan oil is a great multitasking oil packed with vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.  I buy it specifically to use in the ends of my hair, but without fail, it always also ends up on my face and body.  There's significant quality variation amongst different argan oils on the market, and I think Acure's oil is one of the best at an inexpensive price point.  

Deep Steep Foaming Hand Wash
With an ever-growing assortment of scents, Deep Steep makes a great healthy Bath & Bodyworks alternative.  Personally, I can't always deal with strongly scented lotions and creams, but I can (and do!) get behind the foaming hand washes.  They have great ingredients, clean well, don't dry out your hands, and smell fantastic.  They're also super affordable (even the double size refills bottles are under $10!), and because they foam, a bottle of soap goes a lot further than you might expect.  Keep an eye out for seasonal scents at Winners and TJ Maxx.

What are your favorite inexpensive green beauty finds?

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