5 Questions With Margot White from The Choosy Chick

The Choosy Chick is a "one-stop shop" online natural beauty boutique offering safe and effective products for the entire family.  With new green beauty shops popping up all the time, what really stands out to me about The Choosy Chick is the boutique's diverse brand selection.  A carefully curated assortment intermixes popular, well-known companies like Acure, Badger, Josh Rosebrook, HollyBeth Organics, and Dr. Alkaitis with lesser-known gems like Solavedi Organics, AhnestiGriffin Remedy, and DN-UNIK.  Because brands range from the very affordable to more high end/luxury, the assortment is truly unique among other green beauty shops. 

I connected with Margot White, founder and head choosy chick late last year and after learning more about her green journey, I asked her to answer a few questions about herself, the shop, and making the switch to healthier products.  

Keep reading for Margot's answers, plus a special discount code for Naturalla Beauty readers.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how The Choosy Chick came to be?

We live in a world today in which we are exposed to thousands of toxins. Cancer, diabetes, asthma, infertility and developmental disorders among other serious health issues are on the rise. Protecting those we love is becoming an increasingly difficult job. An educator for the last 15 years, wife and mother of 4 boys, I understand fully that we need to do everything possible to help the next generations live healthy, sustainable lives.   Having been a Health Educator, I always tried to make the best choices for my family.  After developing some autoimmune issues and watching so many of  our loved ones develop cancer,  I began to look for more ways I could reduce toxins in my home.  Like many, I was shocked to learn of the multitude of harmful chemicals in skincare products, including those that disrupt hormones and cause cancer. 

Our first step in our green beauty journey was to educate ourselves. We studied ingredients. We bugged manufacturers about their products and manufacturing processes, referenced independent testing firms and other reputable sources. The next step was to find products deemed to be toxic-free in our local drug stores and supermarkets.  Not so easy.  Even products claiming to be “natural” or “organic” still contained toxins. We grew tired of coming out of stores empty-handed.  The need to find a place to shop for safe but effective products for the whole family was obvious. As a result, The Choosy Chick was hatched.

What makes The Choosy Chick different from other online boutiques?  
At The Choosy Chick, we’re committed to researching, sampling and selecting the finest non-toxic personal care products families deserve. We developed our very own standard for ingredients which has become the foundation for our product selections. We will NOT be duped by natural sounding names or natural looking packaging.  At times we have had to dig deep to find products that meet this standard.  We are often excited by promising “green” brands only to find a risky ingredient or two way down at the bottom of the ingredient list.  We must stay true to who we say we are. Our customers rely on our decision making, and we won’t let them down.  

Second, we believe that going “non-toxic” should not break the budget. We are not a luxury-only store.   Everyone should have access to healthy, effective products that are affordable. Therefore we have a wide range of choices to meet every budget.  In addition – we feel that entire families should switch to non-toxic products.  Babies and children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of toxins in the environment because their body systems have not fully matured.  According to The ATSDR, childhood is a time of rapid growth and development.  It is accompanied by changes in organ system functioning, metabolic capabilities, physical size and behavior that can significantly modify the effects of toxicant exposure. Therefore, we offer wide selections for babies and kids. 

How do you select what products to carry?
We follow our standard strictly!  Before we accept new products for evaluation, we review them to see if they fit our guidelines:
  1. Products must be SAFE. We spent a long time researching ingredients and have compiled a thorough list of “Big Baddies” in products commonly found in supermarkets, drugstores and so-called health food stores. We will not sell products that contain any of these ingredients.  PERIOD. To determine our list of Big Baddies, we referenced the ingredients with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, The David Suzuki Foundation, The Environmental Working Group, our own favorite Naturopathic Physician- Dr. Matthew Fisel, among other reputable sources.
  2. Products must be EFFECTIVE. We personally test products and have a testing team to determine if they actually do what they claim. We look for superstars!
  3. Our partners must SHARE OUR MISSION by putting the health and safety of consumers first and by demonstrating sustainable practices for the environment. We support companies that do not test on animals and provide packaging that is reusable and/or recyclable.
What are your main tips for someone just starting to transition to natural products?
When we began this journey, we literally got rid of everything that had suspect ingredients! We filled a large tub with products from 3 bathrooms.   Of course this can be overwhelming and expensive, so we recommend starting simply.
  •  Get to know your ingredients.  It may seem confusing at first, but it does get easier!  Refer to our Big Baddie list of ingredients. 
  • Begin replacing products one by one.  If you have to choose – start with the kids’ products first.  Then move on to products that are left on the skin – lotions, makeup, etc.  As you run out of something, replace it with the non-toxic version.
  •  Less is more.  We find that when you have really good quality products without unnecessary chemicals, you need less.  Skin issues tend to improve, so you need less product to combat skin irritations and less makeup to cover up!

If you had to pick, what are three products from the shop that you’d recommend for just about everyone?

 Wow!  Now that is a tough one!  We have more… but settled on 4 – hope that is okay!  Four products that everyone seems to love would be:

Thank you Caitie for this opportunity to share our story with your friends at Naturalla Beauty. We wish everyone the very best in their journey towards a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle. 

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All photos courtesy of The Choosy Chick.
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  1. Excellent article! I love The Choosy Chick!! Thanks so much for this in-depth interview. :)

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading :) The Choosy Chick is awesome!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring us on your beautiful blog - it is truly an honor, Caitie! And thanks to A. M. Hartsock we love her too!

  3. Loved reading this! I love learning about store owners who really care for their customers! It's just amazing that their are safe places to shop for really amazing quality items that are eco-friendly!


    1. Couldn't agree more! It definitely shows when store/brand owners are truly passionate about what they do :)

  4. Fantastic interview Caitie! The Choosy Chick have a stellar selection and kudos to them for doing all this thorough research and work prior to stocking a brand! :) Liz xx

    1. Thanks Liz! Completely agree - I love how thorough their brand/product vetting process is :)

    2. Thanks so much Liz - We take our standard seriously, and it is the foundation for our product selections.

  5. what a great post! I love Margot and The Choosy Chick - such a great shop :) ♥

    1. Hey Tianna thank you so much - we love you too!