Unscented Body Lotions: Dueling Mini Reviews

Unscented lotions aren't something you see raved about very often, but they're a staple product for me.  Whether it's because I don't want to deal with anything scented, or because I want a moisturizer that won't interfere with other scents I may be wearing, they're something I reach for on a regular basis.  

I've been pretty dedicated to Acure's Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion for several years, but last fall I discovered that, due to reformulations, it just doesn't cut it anymore.  Around the same time, I conveniently had some iHerb credit saved up and burning a hole in my pocket, so I figured it was a good time to set about finding a replacement.  

With that in mind, I ordered three new lotions to try.   The goal?  Something without any added scent (or a strong unscented smell).  It would need to be rich and hydrating but not greasy, and something that wouldn't need to be reapplied multiple times a day -- because, really, who has time for that?!

The Contenders:
Acure Fragrance Free Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion
Clearly I've already spoiled that this was not what I wanted it to be.  The current formula feels very watery and rubs away to nothing.  If you like your lotions incredibly light, it might suit your purposes.  It certainly won't leave you greasy, and it legitimately has no discernible scent.  

Acure Fragrance Free Bare Baby Lotion
Sorry Acure, it's just not your day!  The Bare Baby Lotion is much better in terms of richness and hydration, but it smells awful - like a combination of feet and stinky cheese.  Yuck!  My tube was sealed and is well within the best before date, so there's no reason why it shouldn't be okay, but I'm wondering if maybe I got a bad bottle, as I can't imagine anyone actually trying to sell a product that smells like this.  We don't have access to Acure in stores here, so I have no way of checking, but if you've used this lotion before, I'd love to know if yours smelled gross like this too!

DeVita Shea Butter Bruleé

I like this one, but I don't love it.  Described as an "ultra rich hand and body bruleé," the Shea Butter Bruleé is surprisingly very lightweight.  It sinks in quickly and moisturizes well in the moment, but it doesn't keep my skin feeling hydrated for as long as I'd like.  It also smells a little like sunscreen, although the scent doesn't linger past application.  

The great thing about this cream, however, is the way it gives the skin a slightly perfected, tauter appearance.  There's no mica or other colorants like in most "perfecting" lotions, but it somehow makes skin look just a little bit better.  I expect it'll be great in the summer!  The Bruleé is made with vitamin K, hyaluronic acid, plant collagen, and peptides to increase circulation and target spider veins and stretch marks.  I haven't used it consistently enough to notice a difference in any of those areas, but I'm guessing these same ingredients are responsible for the instant tightening effect I noticed.  

Savannah Bee Company Unscented Honey Body Lotion
Saving the best for last!   The Honey Body Lotion has a thick, rich consistency without feeling overly heavy or greasy as you work it into the skin.  It has a very slight nutty scent - nothing super noticeable - and leaves my skin moisturized enough that I can go a couple days between uses without any ill effects.  It's obviously not vegan (honey + beeswax), unlike the other three, but it's a great lotion.  Probably the only one of the lot that I'd purchase again.  

The Bottom Line

I wouldn't recommend either of the Acure lotions - one for its scent and one for its performance - but I like both the DeVita and Savannah Bee lotions to varying degrees.  The Savannah Bee Honey Lotion has a great balance between richness and easy absorption and is what I'd opt for on an everyday basis, and the DeVita Shea Butter Bruleé has an interesting tightening effect that leaves skin looking slightly perfected without bronzing or color change and would probably be great in the summer.  It's something I'd reach for before wearing shorts or showing more skin, but it doesn't do the trick through these colder winter months.

What are your favorite body lotions?  

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  1. Oh, I don't know Savannah Bee compagny at all, will check it out :-) x

    1. This was my first time trying anything from them too! I'm definitely curious to see what else they make now though :)

  2. Oh my the baby lotion sounds horrible! Wouldn't want to smell like that :) xx

    1. Exactly! I usually love Acure, but I'm just not sure what they were thinking with that one :)

  3. Thanks for an informative and honest post!! Personally, my "unscented" favorites are: ellovi Butter (Original), SkinFood by AB Unscented Body Butter, and Sevi eco-vegan Pumpkin Seed Lotion. I also like One Love Organics Coconut Salt lotion, but it's expensive for the amount you receive.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I like Ellovi's Butter too, but I haven't tried the others. Will definitely give them a look now :)