Lovacado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil + Avocado Face & Body Mask (+ Birthday Giveaway #3!)

Avocado: it's not just for eating anymore.  The same combo of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that makes avocado such a healthy food, are also wonderful used topically on both skin and hair.

And that's where Lovacado, a Toronto company based around the humble avocado, comes in.

Lovacado believes in going back to basics and wants people to rediscover the effectiveness of simple natural ingredients.  Everything is simply formulated with minimal, high quality ingredients and is free of synthetic preservatives, additives, and colors.  Currently the line consists of two key products: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil* and an Avocado Powder Face & Body Mask*.

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
Like many other oils, Lovacado's Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a fantastic multi-use product that can be used on the face, body, and hair.  Avocado oil, extracted from the green flesh of the avocado, is a great emollient oil high in vitamins A, D, and E, lecithin, potassium, beta carotene, chlorophyll, and unsaturated fatty acids.  Lovacado's oil is cold-pressed, extra virgin, and mixed only with essential oils.

Avocado oil is a richer oil, often recommended for dry or mature skin, but - assuming you aren't using unnecessarily copious amounts - it absorbs well and won't leave skin greasy or slippery.  I find it a little too heavy to use alone on the face, but a drop or two mixed in with lighter oils or a cream moisturizer is great for an intense shot of moisture.  I also love using it as a body oil and in my hair.

In fact, while prior to this I was an argan oil devotee, I think I like Lovacado's oil as a leave-in even more!  I run a few drops through the damp ends of my hair after showering and it leaves them smooth and ultra soft.  It can also be used pre-wash as a nourishing deep conditioning treatment.

Lovacado's oil is available unscented and in three scents: sweet orange, lemon, and lavender.  I've tried the three scented versions and they're all lovely.  Fresh smelling and scented enough to be noticeable as you use them, but never overpowering.  Every bottle of oil also comes with a Lovacado refillable travel bottle that makes it super easy to carry the oil with you.  

Avocado Powder Face & Body Mask
Despite knowing the skin and hair benefits, avocados never actually make it out of my kitchen, which is why this avocado powder has been so fantastic.  Made of 100% dehydrated avocado powder, it's easy to work with and makes a great mask, both on its own and in combination with other ingredients.  The powder, which smells just like avocado, starts out a little chunky, but it smooths out as you mix it with water.  

My favorite way to use it has been combining equal parts avocado powder and bentonite clay to make a gentler clay mask, perfect for more sensitive or delicate skin.  This combo gives the best of both worlds: detox and exfoliation from the clay, and moisture and collagen-boosting nutrients from the avocado powder.  The avocado powder also makes a wonderful moisturizing mask, either on its own or mixed with a little honey.  I'm curious to try incorporating it into a hair mask next!

The Bottom Line
I love the simplicity of Lovacado's ingredients and, clearly, I'm a fan of how the products perform as well.  The oil is great for a multitude of uses, and the powder is a unique mask ingredient I haven't seen anywhere else.  I think both will be great year round, but they've been especially fantastic for keeping my skin hydrated through this latest cold spell.

I've also teamed up with Lovacado to give TWO of you the chance to try these avocado delights for yourselves.  Each winner will receive a bottle of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil in the scent of their choice, the Avocado Face & Body Mask, and a refillable travel bottle.  

The giveaway is limited to US/Canada.  You must follow Lovacado on at least one platform to enter.  All other entries are optional.  Follow the Rafflecopter widget, below, to enter.

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  1. I've yet to use avocado for skin/hair care but what a great product idea. I don't know why I've never used oils on my hair either, but I should try! I love that they're based in TO!

  2. I've yet to use avocado for skin/hair care but what a great product idea. I don't know why I've never used oils on my hair either, but I should try! I love that they're based in TO!

  3. SOO excited about an avocado brand! I've been using avocado oil to remove my makeup for quite some time now, so I would love to expand my avocado skincare/hair routine:)

  4. I agree, avocado oil is such a wonderful ingredient!<3 xx

  5. I havent used avocado on my hair or face, but i sure do like eating it

  6. I have never used avocado on my body and I am excited to try!