Juice Organics Brightening Shampoo + Conditioner

It's no secret I've been loyal to Acure's Argan + Argan Stem Cell shampoo and conditioner these last couple years, but this summer brought with it an urge to switch things up, so I've been trying out a few new hair products.  First up, Juice Organics' Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner ($17 together, $10 each individually).  The Brightening hair products are marketed for clarifying and refreshing normal, oily, fine, and lackluster hair, but I picked them up purely based on the orange scent, which was my favorite of the brand's four hair care lines.  

My hair doesn't need clarifying products, but as it turns out, this shampoo was still a good choice as the Brightening Shampoo isn't actually all that clarifying.  It gets the hair clean, but I don't think it does a more thorough job than your average non-clarifying shampoo.  It's pretty gentle and I even find I need to double wash when I've used a lot of hair products or if my hair feels extra dirty that day.  

So, it doesn't live up to its clarifying claims, but what's really great about this shampoo is that it lathers easily and doesn't strip either the hair or scalp of moisture.  It also smells like a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and I really enjoy the scent.  

The Brightening Conditioner, however, was much less impressive.  First off, it's not at all what I'd expect from a clarifying line and is actually a very thick, heavy conditioner.  My hair is curly and can handle a good amount of moisture and richness, but I can only use the smallest amount of this conditioner or it leaves my hair feeling dirty, greasy, and weighed down.  And, despite the weight of the conditioner, I don't find it does a good job detangling and necessitates an additional leave-in conditioner or detangler in order to comb through my wet hair.  I also don't like how it smells.  While the shampoo has a refreshing orange scent, the conditioner smells to me like citrus crossed with rubber, which just isn't appealing in any way.  

The one thing the conditioner does have going for it is that it really does leave the hair looking beautifully shiny and glossy.  I can see a difference in the shine of my hair when I use this versus other conditioners, although to me, it's not significant enough to counter the other negatives this product has working against it.

The Bottom Line
The Brightening Shampoo smells great and makes an excellent day-to-day shampoo, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking for a truly clarifying product.   I did not enjoy the matching conditioner, which has a pronounced rubber-like scent, doesn't detangle very well, and often left my hair feeling greasy.  
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