Easy DIY Witch Hazel Aftershave (No More Razor Bumps!)

Come summer, many of us are a little more vigilant about hair removal.  I love the warmer temperatures, but one thing I could do without is the ongoing struggle with irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  I've tried a few different home remedies in the past, but nothing's has worked as well as I'd hoped.  This year, after consulting the ingredients of a few hyped up conventional products, I decided to try my hand at a DIY version using only clean, natural ingredients.  And I'm happy to say, it worked out splendidly.

Ingredients varied across products on the store shelf, but what they all had in common was that they were astringent formulas generally containing some combination of alcohol, witch hazel, and/or salicylic acid.  For the base of my DIY version, I used a witch hazel astringent with 14% alcohol.  (It's important to use a traditional, alcohol-based witch hazel here.  Alcohol free options will not be as effective.)  I chose not to add any additional alcohol, though doing so would probably put your formula closer to the on-the-shelf varieties.  I added lavender essential oil and zinc oxide for their skin soothing properties and glycerin to compensate for any drying effects of the witch hazel.  The menthol content of eucalyptus essential oil imparts a mild, cooling sensation.  

Witch Hazel Aftershave
4 ounces witch hazel astringent
1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerin
6 drops eucalyptus essential oil
6 drops lavender essential oil
1/8 teaspoon zinc oxide

It really is one of the simplest DIY's ever.  Just add everything into a (preferably glass) bottle and shake to combine.  For simplicity's sake, as well as ingredient purity, I didn't include an emulsifier, so both the essential oils and zinc oxide do separate.  Give it a good shake before each use and you're good to go.  I recommend using it right after shaving or waxing and for at least one or two consecutive days after.  

Let me know if you give it a try!
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  1. It's like you've read my mind! I am in desperate need of something like this, I will certainly be giving this a go!
    Rach xx

    1. Glad it was so timely! Let me know how it works for you :)