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I'm a big fan of both face oils and Weleda's Almond facial line, but I'd never followed those loves to their natural culmination and tried the Almond Soothing Facial Oil*.  Then, a couple months ago, Weleda's oil was awarded Allure's coveted 2014 Best of Beauty Award in the sensitive skin category and I was offered the chance to try this intriguing product.  

Allure writes that the oil "makes our skin luminous all day, and it smells faintly of marzipan" and I'd have to agree.   Like the rest of the almond line, the Soothing Facial Oil is composed of only a few simple ingredients, but they must be all the right ones, as the oil really does keep your skin hydrated all day long while imparting a healthy glow.  

What's in it?

Sweet Almond Oil - high in essential fatty acids that moisturize and soothe skin 

Plum Kernel Oil - full of antioxidants and vitamins A and E that help fight wrinkles and other signs of aging, while simultaneously repairing sun damage and skin irritation

Blackthorn Flower Extract - high in skin-toning tanins and vitamin C, which soothe inflammation and help strengthen the protective functions of the skin

And that's it!  Three simple ingredients that moisturize and nourish while simultaneously calming sensitive or irritated skin.  Like the rest of the line, the Almond Soothing Oil  is targeted to sensitive skin and does not contain any added fragrances or essential oils.  It has a slight, almost indiscernible almond scent, but it's so faint I can't imagine it bothering even the most sensitive of noses.  

I've been using the oil for about a month and I'm really happy with it.  Temperatures are starting to drop, but the Almond Soothing Oil has kept my skin hydrated and happy in this transition period.  It's a great mid-weight oil - not heavy, but also not the lightest oil out there.  It does take a few minutes to fully sink in, but once it's absorbed, my skin is left plump, well moisturized, and touchably soft.  

The Bottom Line
I'm impressed!  Almond may be the title ingredient, but I think a lot of credit is owed to the plum kernel oil and blackthorn extract.  I've used straight almond oil before and - great as it is - my skin has never gotten anywhere near the kind of healthy glow or radiance that Weleda's blend produces.  The oil can double as a makeup remover and the price point is very reasonable (roughly $20-30, depending where you find it), especially once you factor in the 1.7 ounce (50 ml) bottle.  I only use about 4 drops per application, so I forsee the generous bottle lasting me quite a while!

Have you tried the Almond Soothing Facial Oil or other products from Weleda's Almond line?

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  1. I haven't tried the facial oil, but really like the moisturiser from the range x