28 August 2014

End of Summer Favorites: Weleda, KYI, Evolve, Pure + Simple and Mineral Fusion

I know it's over-said, but I really can't believe summer is just about over.  With a season change fast approaching, it seemed appropriate to write about some of the products I've been loving these last few months.  My main focus has been using what I have, so most of these are things I've rediscovered in my collection rather than new purchases.  

Weleda Skin Food
Skin Food is one of those cult products that I think almost everyone is familiar with by now.  It's a thick, somewhat heavy moisturizer, so not something I'd expect to get a lot of use out of in the summer, but I've actually been reaching for it quite a bit.  My elbows have been extra dry recently and it's been working well for them.

Know Your Ingredients Argan Oil with Vitamin C Serum*   
I rediscovered KYI's serum (originally reviewed here) when doing some organizing.  It's a great face serum, but in true blogger fashion, I'd moved on to testing other things and it had ended up being pushed to the side.  With One Love Organics' Vitamin C Body Oil in the back of my mind, I decided to try it on my body one day, and the rest is history.   A little goes a long way and it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated.    

Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt
I've wanted to try Evolve for ages, so when I saw the Gentle Cleansing Melt for half price in a Naturisimo sale, I rushed to snatch it up.  It's a cleansing balm, but it's pretty unique in that it also fully emulsifies when you add water.  I'll have a full review up in the next week or two, so I don't want to go into too many details here, but suffice it to say, I love it.

Pure + Simple Face Colour in Taupe
Pure + Simple's Face Colours are multi-use powders that can be used anywhere on the face, lips, or eyes.  I originally bought Taupe thinking I'd be able to use it as a contour, but it has a slight golden sheen and doesn't work as well for that purpose as I'd hoped.  I have worn it as an all-over bronzer to warm up my face, but my favorite way to use it is as an eye shadow.  It's not clear in the photo, but I've actually made quite a dip in there!  Taupe is the perfect medium brown to use in the crease or as a transition color to blend out almost any eye look.  There's better pictures of the color, as well as swatches, in my original review.

Mineral Fusion Liquid Lip Gloss in Polished
I didn't have a clear lip gloss in my collection, so I could just about justify adding Polished, which I received in a swap a couple months ago.  It works with any and all lip colors and I really prefer glosses in squeeze tubes like this, since they give you such better control over the amount of product you're using than a regular doe foot applicator.  The gloss itself has a light berry scent and gives a good amount of shine without any stickiness.  It also leaves my lips feeling comfortable and hydrated.

What products have you been loving recently?

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  1. My skin food has been away in my drawer all summer, can't wait to get it back out again for A/W!

    1. It's the best in the colder months! I'm happily surprised I got so much use out of it this summer too :)

  2. Weleda skin food is the next on my list for my purse in the winter in Montréal. I ear so much good thing about it! Xx

    1. Definitely give it a try! It's one case where all the hype is well deserved :)

  3. the serum sounds great, i'm currently using avalon organics vit c serum. i have the evolve mask, great for short term brightening. i need to try the cleansing melt, shame its not still on sale

    1. The Evolve mask is what first caught my eye, months and months ago! I actually only went for the cleanser because of the sale, but I'm so glad I did. I even went back to try and snag a 2nd bottle on sale right after I tried it, but the sale was already over by then. Full price isn't too bad, but I'll be keeping an eye out for more sales for sure!

  4. I really like Evolve's facial scrub. I would love to try the cleansing melt too x


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