The Favorite Natural Makeup Tag

First off, please excuse how quiet the blog has been lately.  June has been hectic so far, but things are settling down enough to accommodate more regular posts now.  I'm a little late on this tag, but about a month ago - when it was making the rounds - I was tagged by Mary of Makeup by Mary B.  An all makeup tag?  Yes please!

Let's jump right into the questions...

What is your favorite foundation?
At the moment it's Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation.  Geisha is a great color match for me and the fact that it's pressed means I can do my foundation in about a minute and a half.

What type of foundation do you prefer - mineral, liquid, or cream?
Definitely mineral.  My skin doesn't do well with liquid or cream foundations on an everyday basis.  

Have you found a favorite natural mascara?
Sort of.  I really like Zuzu Luxe's mascara - I've been using it for years - but there are still times when I wish I had something to give me slightly more dramatic, VA-VOOM lashes.  In the plus column, the Zuzu never irritates my eyes and is seriously long-wearing. I've made it through blizzards (well, one blizzard) with this baby still on!

In your opinion, what company makes the best pigments for eye shadow?
My top two would be Darling Girl Cosmetics and Shiro Cosmetics.  Both companies make gorgeous, unique colours and the quality is top notch.  Do keep in mind that neither Darling Girl or Shiro claim to be natural and there are a few ingredients that crop up that I don't recommend or use myself (FD&C dyes, nylon-12, etc.) If that's a concern for you too, just make sure you read the ingredients on each individual product page.  The shadows are worth the extra effort, I promise, and most colors have fine ingredients.

Have you tried to make any of your own makeup?  If so, how did it turn out?
Yes! I blogged about my experiences making my own pressed blushes and pressing loose eye shadows, and I've also made tinted lip balms and glosses.  I'd love to do more, but it's one of those things that there never seems to be enough hours in the day for.  I still haven't managed to play with the lip dyes I hauled from TKB Trading over a year ago!!

What makeup item was the hardest to switch over to a natural alternative?
Like I mentioned in the Going Green Tag, I didn't directly switch over from mainstream to natural makeup.  Instead, I went from a period of not using makeup to getting back into makeup with more natural products.  As such, I didn't do any direct switches.  Even so, the hardest product to find has definitely been concealer.  Depending on the day, I have decently dark under eye circles and it's often a struggle to find something that covers them.  I like the combination of Une's Skin Glow Pencil and Silk Naturals' Sleep in a Jar, but the hunt is still on.  I picked up Everyday Mineral's Soft Peach Corrector a couple weeks ago, so I've been having a go with that recently as well.

Do you have any holy grail natural or non-toxic makeup products?
HG is a big commitment for a beauty blogger to make!  If I were to go there, it would be for Silk Naturals' Sleep in a Jar, Honeybee Garden's eyeliner in Smoking Gun, and Faerie Organic Eye Shadow Primer.

What is your go-to non-toxic lip product?
On a day-to-day basis, it's just lip balm.  Some favorites are Badger's cocoa butter lip balms, Balm Balm's unscented lip balm, and iherb's super inexpensive Sierra Bees lip balms.  If I want color, I love Silk Naturals' various lip products, Yes to Carrots' Tinted Colorbalms, and Revolution Organics' lip glosses.  

What is your favorite natural cosmetics brand?
There's so many great ones out there, it's impossible to pick just one!  I will say, I'm almost always impressed by Silk Naturals, Honeybee Gardens, and Zuzu Luxe.

I tag Nicole of EcoChicBeautyDiva, Kasey of PleinVanity, and Marcella of NaturallyMarcy.  I can't wait to read your answers!

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  1. Oh yes! I'm so glad you mentioned your love of lip balms. Yes To Carrot's Colorbalms isn't really talked about much but I used to have Soft Plum and it is such a flattering shade! I really liked the creamy balm texture too. Thanks for tagging me sweet Caitie - I don't use much makeup (just foundation and some tinted lipbalm) but I'll try my hardest to show you what I usually love to use!

    1. The Colorbalms seem to be a love or hate product. I've seen a couple people complain they don't have enough color payoff, but I find they're pretty totally mistake-proof that way!

      I knew you didn't use a ton of makeup, but that just made me curious to see what makes the cut :) Looking forward to your answers!

  2. Yay I had no idea that my tag was still making its rounds! You listed some fabulous brands! I`ve been hearing such good things about the Faerie Organic Eye Shadow Primer.

    1. I guess starting it up again! It's a great tag though, so I hope it does make the rounds a good bit more :) And I can't recommend the Faerie Organic enough. It's the only natural primer I've found that doesn't irritate AND keeps creasing at bay all day for me!

  3. I loved reading about your blush and eyeshadow pressing experiences! I've been meaning to find time to do that one day. These tags are so fun to read and give me new brands and products to discover! I want to try the Faerie Organic Eyeshadow Primer and Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation (heard so much about it). Thanks for tagging me, Caitie! :)

    1. I don't press everything - way too time consuming and I don't mind the loose products most of the time - but it's nice to have a couple palettes for sometimes! Definitely recommend both the HBG and the Faerie - some of my favorites! Looking forward to your answers :)

  4. Loved reading your tag! Seems like everyone is pressing their own shadows now, I'm browsing the TKB website as I write! xx

    1. There are definitely times when pressed is just more convenient. Browsing TKB is so dangerous! Everything seems so inexpensive individually, but then I somehow always end up with a crazy total :)

  5. What a fun tag and I loved reading your answers. I still need to check out that eye primer! Thanks for tagging me, will definitely try to do it soon. Xo

    1. You definitely do! For whatever reason, I feel like it's been holding up even better this summer than last as well :)