Sample Stash #5: Suki

We sell Suki products at my work and between that and Saffron Rouge orders, I managed to accumulate a fair number of samples to try.  Suki is one of the better established natural skincare companies out there and the line blends together pure, natural ingredients and innovative science.  Everything is 100% natural, free of the regular nasties, and cruelty free.  Formulas are made with high potency botanicals and everything is developed to work with the skin's natural cycle.

 Most of these products have a lovely bright, fresh, citrusy scent that I see as something of a Suki signature, so rather than dwell on scent for each product, I've only mentioned it when it veers away from this.  I've got a good few samples to get through, so let's jump right in!

Creamy Foaming Cleanser
I don't usually go for foaming cleansers, but I really liked this one!  It's a great hybrid between a cream and foaming cleanser - it seems like a light cream/milk cleanser straight out of the bottle (or packet), but with a little water, it also lathers.  Not the best at removing makeup, but I could see myself buying it to use in the mornings or on no makeup days.

Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion
This, on the other hand, was more of a middle-of-the-road product for me.  It seemed gentle but I didn't find it especially hydrating.  My skin was left feeling a little tight after using it.

Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser
Probably Suki's most famous product, this one gets a lot of well-deserved praise!  It's a sugar-based scrub that's elevated to new levels with a super gentle, coconut oil-based soap that foams up as you use it.  The lather isn't drying and the sugar does a great job exfoliating without being harsh.

Pure Facial Moisture - Balancing Oil
Probably my favorite of everything I've tried from Suki!  I'm not acne-prone, EXCEPT for the week or so leading up to my period when my skin can go a little wonky.  I'd accumulated a number of these samples and decided to pour them all into a bottle and give them a trial run during that time.  On its own, the oil is a little too light for my skin, but it was fantastic when mixed with either jojoba or goji seed oil.  I usually get one or two blemishes during that time of the month, but in the two months I've been using this (just during that one week), my skin has been problem free.  I'm not sure it's suited to my skin for the rest of the month, but I'm considering picking up a bottle all the same!  It also smells lovely and relaxing from the blue chamomile.

Balancing Day Lotion
A nice, light moisturizer.  Again, not enough moisture for my skin on it's own, but it was nice layered on top of an oil.

Intensive Nourishing Cream
I wasn't too taken with this one.  It seemed only slightly more hydrating than the Balancing Day Lotion and it left my pores looking a little congested.  I also didn't love the smell, which was pretty floral.

Suki Transformative Cleansing Clay
Suki markets this as a 3-in-1 cleanser mask, and spot treatment, but I only used it as a mask.  The consistency is a little runny for a mask, but once it's on, it feels lovely.  It's cooling and dries firm, but it's a lot gentler than a plain clay mask.  I also found, compared to other clays, that it wasn't quite as good at cleaning out my pores, but it did leave my skin looking bright and glowy.  I really liked this one, but the price - $49 for 1 ounce - is a sticking point for me right now.

Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel
I don't have much experience with chemical exfoliants and reading the directions, I was a little nervous to give this one a try.  The packet said "leave on as long as skin will allow.  Initial stinging will subside," which seemed a little troubling.  In spite of the warning, it didn't sting at all.  Instead, it felt a little cool, but that's it.  I also didn't notice any improvement in my skin, although I did discover couple small blemishes when I washed the mask off.  Not sure if they were a negative reaction or just the mask bringing things to the surface, but I was not impressed.

Exfoliate Foaming Body Scrub
A really lovely body version of the iconic face scrub.  I usually make my own scrubs, but I wouldn't say no to this as a gift or an occasional splurge.

Butter Cream Salve
This salve has an impressive ingredients list with arnica, cocoa butter, calendula, and comfrey - to name just a few - but it left me pretty underwhelmed.  I tried it on both my feet and winter-weary hands, but I didn't notice much difference with either.

The Bottom Line
These were just small sample sachets, but in trying so many, I feel like I got a good impression of Suki's line.  I had hits, misses, and a few in between, but overall I think it's a great, high quality line.  Factoring everything in - including price - the only ones I'm confident saying I would purchase are the the Creamy Foaming Cleanser, Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, and Balancing Oil.  I also think the Balancing Day Lotion is a great product, just not the best suited for my skin.

Have you tried anything from Suki?  What are your favorites?

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  1. Wow, great overview of the brand! I hadn't even heard of their face oil. I am really curious about their tinted moisturizer as well.

    1. Thanks! The face oil is a great - if somewhat unsung - product. I haven't heard very much talk about their makeup, but it's got me curious too!

  2. Nice round-up! I have the sample of balancing oil somewhere, now I'm curious to see how it works for me!

    1. Thanks! I definitely think it's a product that deserves more attention. Let me know how you like it :)

  3. Suki is one of my all time face EYE CREAMS too- gotta try it, it tightens and brightens like no other, I ran out of mine a few months ago and am trying some new products now, but will be repurchasing soon! Kathryne @getunsullied :0)

    1. Sounds great! I'll have to check out the eye cream next :)

  4. You're so right. The packaging is bright and sleek, but it can all blend together a little on a shelf. I'm a big fan of their citrusy scent too!

  5. I used a few of their products when I first went greener, I had a cream blush and the facial exfoliator, it's been a while since I tried anything I got the impression the skincare would be great for combo skin rather than my dry/sensitive but like you I loved the the scent! :)

    1. I can see why you'd think that! They do two lines - balancing and nourishing, but almost all these samples were from the balancing line. I'm curious to try something from the other side of the range next :)

  6. I'm not a huge fan of this line, mainly because it's all way too fragrant, but the exfoliating foaming cleanser is prob my fave. I'm surprised you can handle it considering you don't usually enjoy strong scents!

    1. I actually don't find their scents all that strong! Funny how that works :) The scrub is one of my favorites from the line too!