Sample Stash #4: Peppy Galore, Green Beaver & More

It's taking some time to work through my somewhat oversized cache of samples, but here's the latest batch.  It's a bit of a mixed bag of body products: Canadian goodies from Green Beaver, Peppy Galore from across the pond, and a couple other randoms thrown in.  Keep reading to see how these fared...

Peppy Galore Nurse Peppy
Nurse Peppy is a multi-purpose healing balm recommended for everything from chapped lips, dry cuticles, rough elbows and cracked heels to frizzy hair.  I used it mainly as a hand balm and it worked very well at healing any damage caused by this year's colder than usual temperatures.  It does tend to sit on top of the skin for a while and can be a little greasy, but it was perfect before bed.  
Buy it? Not sure.  It's not an expensive product, but using it on my hands, I think I'd go through it way too fast to justify the cost.  

Peppy Galore Herbs de Provence Body Mousse
I've seen lots of UK bloggers rave about this product and now that I've tried it, I can see why!  Made of mainly mango butter and avocado oil, Peppy's mousse is pretty dreamy.  It spreads easily and moisturizes incredibly well without feeling heavy or greasy.  I also can't imagine a better texture than the airy whipped consistency of this mousse.
Buy it? Possibly.  I wasn't crazy in love with either this scent or the vanilla, but I may inquire about the possibility of ordering an unscented version.  Alternately, I'm considering trying to DIY my own instead.  

Seaweed Bath Co. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Body Wash
A really nice body wash.  I usually use castile soaps, so in comparison, this seemed to produce a lot of lather.  It was still very gentle and non-stripping and also smelled fantastic - mostly peppermint, with just a hint of earthy eucalyptus peeking through.
Buy it? Maybe.

Aroma Naturals Tea Tree Eucalyptus Castile 4-in-1 Soap
Marketed as a 4-in-1 body wash, shaving cream, shampoo, and hand soap, I think this has a lot of potential.  Used as is, I found it too drying on the skin, but it seemed like a very concentrated formula, so in retrospect, I'm wondering if diluting it, à la Dr. Bronner's, might have helped with that.  
Buy it? Maybe.  Not as a body wash/soap, but I liked the smell and would consider picking it up in place of Dr. Bronner's for brush cleaning and other household uses.  

Green Beaver Cilantro Mint Castile Sunflower Liquid Soap
This and the next are new products to the Green Beaver line.  The liquid soap is supposed to be a Canadian alternative to Dr. Bronner's, and while I love that it's made here from Canadian sunflower oil, it just didn't compare to Dr. B.  The consistency was thinner and the scent wasn't well-dispersed.  The top half of the bottle smelled fresh and lovely, but the bottom just smelled like sunflower oil.  Perhaps a simple shake would have fixed this?  I should also mention that I got this sample at a trade show several months ago, long before the soap actually launched, so it's entirely possible this problem has been remedied in the version that's currently for sale.
Buy it? Probably not.

Green Beaver Lavender Castile Sunflower Bar Soap
Before trying this product, I didn't think I could be so thoroughly wow-ed by a bar soap, but this soap really is that good.  Made from a combination of sunflower, coconut, and castor oils, it manages to be both free of palm oil and the gentlest, most moisturizing bar soap I can remember using to date.  It easily creates a rich lather and is completely non-drying.
Buy it?  Yes, yes, yes!  The zesty orange and cilantro mint are on the top of my shopping list.

Have you used any of these?

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  1. I have tried and enjoyed quite a few of Peppy Galore's products, I love the name Green Beaver although I have never tried the brand! :) Xx

    1. You'll have to try GB one day! They're one of the larger, more established Canadian brands, so pretty readily available here and the products are quite nice :)

  2. I like Peppy Galore for the simplistic ingredients, the texture of the body mousse is a real pleasure but I can understand why the scent may not be to your liking