Dr. Sponge Skin Cleansing Sponges

These little sponges really took the green beauty world by storm last year!  Using my hands or a washcloth has always done me well enough, but when Dr. Sponge kindly offered me the chance to try their konjac sponges, I was eager to see if they'd live up to all the hype.  (Spoiler: they did.)

What are konjac sponges?
Eco-friendly, biodegradable cleansing sponges made out of food-grade konjac plant fiber.  Konjac is a plant native to Eastern Asia that's naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.  Dr. Sponge incorporates natural additives like green tea, charcoal, lycopene, lavender, aloe, and pearl powder in their seven different sponge varieties, each suited to different skin types and/or concerns.

How do they work?
The sponges are excellent for cleansing your skin and providing gentle exfoliation.  Each sponge comes dry and quite hard, but after soaking in water, softens up and transforms into a lovely, squishy sponge that can be used either by itself or with a cleanser. 

My Experience
I tried the original, pure konjac sponge first.  It's incredibly soft and gentle, but still provides the slightest exfoliation.  After about a week of using the original, I switched to the charcoal.  This one, which contains activated bamboo charcoal is recommended for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin, but also for normal and even dry skin as a weekly treatment.  It leaves my skin feeling a little more dry than the original, presumably because of how good charcoal is at pulling oil, toxins, and other junk out of your pores.  I also experienced a mild detox period when I first started using the charcoal sponge, with patches of tiny breakouts on my forehead.  By about the third or fourth use, my skin was completely back to normal and I haven't had any issues since.

I especially enjoy using the sponges for a morning cleanse, although you can also use them to remove light makeup.  Both varieties leave my skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth, and my overall skin texture seems more even.  My nose area, which is prone to blackheads/clogged pores, also looks much better since incorporating Dr. Sponge into my skincare routine.  

Face vs. Body
Dr. Sponge makes both face and body sponges, but as far as I can tell, the only difference is size/shape.  I've used the Original Body Sponge on both my face and body and it works great for both!  For the face, the sponges are a gentler alternative to regular washcloths, and for the body, they're a much more eco-friendly alternative to plastic loofahs and poufs.

The Bottom Line
I'm sold!  The results speak for themselves, and the overall appearance of my skin seems healthier and more even since using Dr. Sponge.  For my skin, the charcoal is a little much for everyday use, but I enjoy using it one or two times a week.  The original, on the other hand, has been completely fine for daily (or twice daily) use.  I kind of want to work my way through all the kinds now, just to see how they compare to each other.  It might take a while though, since, with proper care, each sponge can last up to seven months!

Where to Buy: $8.50 (Face) / $11.50 (Body) from Dr. Sponge

Disclosure: Product provided for review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for free product, nor was I compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. These sponges are becoming a hit, I have tried one but after it expired I never did repurchase, as much as I liked it I just stuck with my muslin cloths :-)

    1. Muslin cloths are good too! I've mostly been using these in the morning, then a regular washcloth at night, when I have makeup to take off :)

    2. I love these sponges. I used them when I wake up in the morning to give my face a bit of a freshen up I can't be bothered to do a full cleanse!

    3. They're great for a lazy cleanse, aren't they? So easy, but they still do a fab job!

  2. I think you've sold me on these.. I added them to a wishlist a while ago but just haven't got around to purchasing them. They sound wonderful :) x


  3. Hi,
    I wanted to order one but unfortunately they do not ship overseas :(
    Love your blog!
    Lucie from naturalmaverick.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! I didn't realize that! They're also available from a number of other retailers. There's a list on the Dr. Sponge website, but I know EcoDivaBeauty, for one, sells them and does ship internationally :)

  4. I am using the ones from mykonjacsponge. Haven't been using them religiously but guess I should.. Hope it clears out my occasional breakouts too.

    1. I haven't been using it every day either, but I can see a difference on days when I do. Hope it helps with your skin :)