29 August 2013

Skin Essence Organics Facial in a Jar

I've always liked face masks, but it isn't until the last couple months that I've gotten into the habit of consistently incorporating them into my skincare routine.  Now I'm a bit obsessed!  Masks are a great way to maintain your skin and when you find a good match, the results can be pretty astonishing.  A fairly new addition to my mask rotation is Skin Essence Organic's Facial in a Jar, which is a unique combination of marshmallow root, jasmine flowers, green tea extract, corn meal and kaolin clay that simultaneously deep cleans the pores and nourishes the skin.

It's a dry powder that, with the addition of water, transforms into a slightly gelatinous, gritty paste.  You then have the choice to either use it as a face scrub, or leave it on as a mask and reap the full benefits of all the powerful ingredients.  I generally leave it on for about 10 minutes and then do a gentle exfoliation as I wash it off.   While it's on, the mask feels very cooling (lovely during the summer months!) and after I wash it off, my skin is left feeling refreshed and incredibly soft.  Marshmallow root and allantoin are known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and Facial in a Jar is also good for taking down redness and soothing mild skin irritations.  

I think it would be a great mask for drier and more sensitive skin types, as while it effectively draws dirt and oil out of your pores, it's much gentler than a straight clay mask.  It also provides a dose of antioxidants, vitamins and  minerals from the other ingredients.  The corn meal is decently gritty though, so those with more sensitive skin will likely want to be careful not to over-exfoliate when removing the mask.  

I will say that I'm not crazy about how Facial in a Jar smells.  If I had to describe the scent, I'd say it smells herbal and sort of doughy...almost yeasty.  It's not terrible, just not especially appealing to me as is, so I happily cover up the smell by mixing in a couple drops of either an essential oil or Skin Essence's Nourish serum.  I also like to mix in some extra clay to up the intensity of the mask and make sure every last bit of gunk is sucked out of my pores. 

Facial in a Jar, dry

Facial in a Jar, mixed with water

The Bottom Line
Facial in a Jar is a great option for anyone looking for a soothing, nourishing mask that also exfoliates and deep cleans your pores.  I love how gentle it is and also how incredibly easy it is to customize the mask to suit how my skin feels on a given day!

What are your favorite face masks?

Where to Buy: $34.99 from Skin Essence Organics (100 ml.)  There is also a smaller, 50 ml size, but it doesn't seem to be available on the Skin Essence website.

Ingredients: Marshmallow Root Powder*, Jasmine Flowers*, Oats*, Green Tea Extract*, Corn Meal*, White Kaolin Clay*, Stevia Leaf Powder*, Allantoin 
*Certified Organic


  1. Looks great!I'm also obsessed with masks, they just make such a difference :) xx

    1. Me too! There's really nothing that compares to a good mask :)

  2. LOVE masks! This one sounds really good and the ingredients are so simple. You're really digging this line eh? Lol xo

    1. Yup, I've been loving their stuff this summer:) I've only used this and the serum, but I want to try more!

  3. I love masks (+ exfoliator), during the week, that's one of the things that I'm always looking forward to. This mask looks good, I love the ingredients. Shame that it smells yeasty, I wonder where it comes from?

    1. Smell is such a funny thing, it may just be me. I'm not sure if yeasty is even a good description...it smells kind of herbal too. I've never smelled straight marshmallow root before, but I'm thinking that's what it is. Either way, it's not a big enough deal to stop me from using the mask, considering all the other good points it has going for it! :)


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