14 April 2013

Badger Balm Sore Joint Rub

If you buy natural products, you've probably heard of Badger Balm.  Like many other companies, they began as a small, family run business, but they've grown and today, their products are available in most natural stores.  What I love most about the company is that, even though they've grown so much, they've stayed true to their founding principles and beliefs.   The ingredients, across the entire line, are fantastic and I've also been impressed by the various social initiatives the company is involved in.  (Not to mention their benefits for employees.  It sounds like an awesome place to work too!)  Even though Badger's sunscreens have been favorites for years, I'd never used one of their balms before.  Since the balms are what launched the company, I'm glad I finally decided to try one!

Back in January, I had some discomfort and swelling around my collarbone/chest area that my doctor thought was joint inflammation.  Right around that time I was placing an order with Vitacost, stumbled across Badger's Sore Joint Rub and added it to my cart.  What I found out months later, after finally getting my test results back, was that the swelling was not actually anything joint related, but rather just soft tissue inflammation.  Even so, Badger's Sore Joint Rub, which I'd used in the meantime, was definitely helpful.  It brought down the swelling, as well as eased any pain or discomfort in the area.  

The Sore Joint Rub contains CO2 extracts of arnica, black pepper, rosehip, ginger, and cayenne, as well as cardamom, lemongrass, rosemary, marjoram, and sage essential oils.  I often self-treat with essential oils, so I'll admit the main selling point for me was the arnica, but together all these ingredients form a potent treatment that reduces inflammation while simultaneously boosting circulation to the affected area.  The olive oil and beeswax base, which I believe is common across most of Badger's balms, acts as a great carrier and prevents the hotter ingredients like cayenne and black pepper from irritating or burning your skin.  I find my skin feels slightly warm and becomes a little pink when I first apply the balm, but it's back to normal within a few minutes.  

The balm itself is pretty solid, but it melts easily with your body heat.  It's a fairly bright orange in the pot, but applies clear and I haven't had any issues with it rubbing onto or staining clothes.  Scent-wise, I mostly smell lemongrass, but I do pick up a peppery note as well.  The scent is relatively mild and it also dissipates quickly.  I only really notice it as I'm applying the balm.   

also love the packaging of Badger's balms, which all come in cute metal tins with some variation of the company's signature badger on the front.  The Sore Joint Rub is available in two sizes - I have the smaller, 0.75 ounce size, which fits perfectly in a purse, or even  your pocket, but there is a larger 2 ounce size available as well.   

The Bottom Line
Every time I try something new from Badger, I just want to keep trying more!  This is a great product and I'd recommend it, even if you don't have sore joints!  According to Badger's website, the Sore Joint Rub was formulated by taking their Sore Muscle Rub, adding arnica, and more than doubling the amount of cayenne, and my experience is proof that this salve also soothes and heals non-joint related discomfort.  I'll be continuing to use it on any aches and pains that may pop up.

Ingredients: *Olea europaea (extra virgin olive) oil, *capsicum frutescens (cayenne) extract, *cera alba (beeswax), *ricinus communis (castor) oil, CO2 extracts of *piper nigrum (black pepper), *zingiber officinale (ginger), arnica montana (arnica), *rosa canina (rosehip), and essential oils of *elettaria cardamomum (cardamom), *cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass), *rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), *thymus mastichina (wild marjoram), and *salvia officinalis (sage). * = Certified Organic

Disclosure: Product purchased by me.   Post contains affiliate links.


  1. It's funny that you posted this up today, because I was just looking at the Icy Hot at Walmart last night and wondering what sort of natural and non-animal tested alternatives might be available without whipping up my own chemistry experiment in the kitchen!! I'll definitely be picking up a tin of this very soon!!

  2. I've tried one bb but it was rock solid and so difficult to use! was this one easy? :)

    1. This one is pretty solid too, but if you rub it a little, it melts onto your fingers and isn't too bad to apply. After you get past the very top layer, it's slightly softer too :)

  3. Sounds lovely, I can't believe I haven't tried this one yet, I really need it!!

  4. Badger balm is amazing! I haven't tried this one but I'm sure I eventually will, it sounds fantastic. xo

    1. They're a great company! I don't think I've tried anything from them that hasn't been awesome :)


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