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I already posted my favourite eye shadows and lip products of 2012, but I was tagged by Brianna (iluvjesse444) to do the Makeup Highlights of 2012 tag and I figured, why not?  There are 12 questions, but it's orginally a Youtube tag, so a couple of them don't really apply to a non-Youtuber like me.  

Let's jump right into it! 

1. Which makeup brand stood out to you most in 2012? (Drugstore and High End)
I don't buy much drugstore makeup, but if I had to pick a brand, it would be Yes to Carrots.  The ingredients across their line aren't completely clean, but they have several products with good ingredients.  I tried their Color Balms in 2012 and I really like them!  Unfortunately, Yes to Carrots is no longer cruelty free, so I can't even wholeheartedly recommend these anymore.
For high end, I'm going to go with Revolution Organics.  I've had one of their lip glosses for probably a couple years now, but I really came to love it just this year.  I also picked up another shade of the gloss and tried their Bronzed Beauty Balm towards the end of the year. 

2. Best new discovery of 2012?

I tried Vapour Beauty's Elixir Gloss towards the end of the year and it's been a huge hit!  This is the first product I've tried from Vapour, but I'm definitely eager to try more.

3. Best re-discovery -- A product that you fall in love with over and over again?
I'm going to go with the same thing as Brianna here and pick Zuzu Luxe's mascara.  I tried a couple other mascaras in 2012, but I always end up going back to my Zuzu Luxe in Onyx. 

4. Best seasonal product 2012? Winter / Spring / Summer / Fall
I don't change up my makeup very much seasonally, but I did enjoy wearing darker/bolder lips in the fall.  Some particular favourites were Silk Natural's Vegan Kisser Slicker in Figment and Revolution Organics' Lip Gloss in Freedom.  (Both of these made it into my Top Lip Products of 2012 too)

5. Best and worst limited edition collections of 2012? (Drugstore and High End)

I don't find myself following many limited edition collections.  I got a couple nice eye shadows from Madd Style Cosmetics' St. Patrick's Day collection, but that's about all I can think of!

6. Most regretted purchase of 2012?

It isn't really makeup, but I'm going to go with Suncoat's Nail Polish Remover Gel.  I did get some suggestions on my review, which I haven't had a chance to try out yet, but as of now, I haven't been able to make it work for me.

7. Youtube and beauty highlights 2012?

 What stood out for me was finding more green/natural Youtubers.  In addition to Brianna (iluvjesse444), who I've watched for a while, I'm excited that bloggers whose blogs I've read for a long time, like Hayley (The Flaxen Owl) and Mary (Pure Makeup), started making videos this year. 

8. What is your favorite / best video on your own channel?

I don't make videos!

9. Best recommendation of 2012 from someone else?
 Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation.  I won it in a giveaway from Britanie (Beauty By Britanie) and it's become one of my favourite foundations.  I've hit pan on it and just ordered a refill so I'd have a backup!

10. Best makeup tool 2012?

 The Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki.  I usually use it for mineral foundation, since that's what I wear most often, but it works equally well with liquid foundations too.

11. What are the products you are excited to try in 2013?
 2013 is looking like it'll be more about saving up for fewer, more expensive purchases, since what I've been drawn to lately has been products from more high end brands like RMS, Pure+Simple, Afterglow Cosmetics, and Vapour Beauty.

12. Will you do a Makeup Collection in 2013, or an updated version?
Possibly?  I just reorganized all my makeup and skincare/haircare stuff, so I could probably be convinced.  But, I'm not sure a blog post is the best way to show a collection, and I don't know how I feel about trying to make a video....

I hope you liked the tag!  I'm never sure who likes/doesn't like being tagged in these things - not to mention that a lot of people have already done this one - so I'm only going to tag a couple people:
Nicole of EcoChicBeautyDiva
Malin of BilboBlueEyes 
Of course, anyone else is more than welcome to do it too!  


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