Review: Zosimos Botanicals

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Now, onto the review -

Zosimos Botanicals is a natural company with a pretty broad product line.  They make everything from makeup to skincare, haircare, and even candles.  The company seems very concerned with the environment and using high quality,  natural ingredients and everything is made fresh to order in their 100% wind powered studio.  After eying their products for a few months, I decided to place a small order for a few trial sized items.  I ordered fuchsia minigloss, raspberry ministick lipstick, and daylily cream shadow minipot.

I love that Zosimos offers trial sizes of most of their products, so you can try them without having to make the larger investment for full size products.  The mini sizes sell for $3 each and they're small and adorable, particularly the minigloss.  To give you a better idea of the size, here they are in comparison to a regular sized lip balm tube:

Raspberry Ministick Lipstick

The ministick lipsticks come in a mini slide up tube.   I like this a lot, as unlike a sample in a pot, it allows you to get the same feel for applying the lipstick as from a full size tube.  Raspberry is described as a "luscious berry red," but it's a little less berry and a little more coppery than I was expecting from the descriptions and photos.  It's still a pretty colour, just not quite as described.  It's a little sheer, but you can build it up to full opacity with a few passes over your lips.  The finish and colour payoff actually reminds me a lot of Burts Bees lip shimmers, just in lipstick form.  The full size retails for $20.

Fuchsia Minigloss
Because I'm still not over how tiny and cute the minigloss is :)
The minigloss is packaged in a tiny lip gloss tube with a mini doe foot applicator.  Fuschia is described as a "vivid iridescent pink with a purple undertone."  I'd say it's more of a medium/light pink with a slight blue iridescence.  It's a gorgeous colour!  I really like the formula too.  It feels nourishing and moisturizing and I've actually noticed my lips are in better shape after wearing this gloss.  The colour is pretty sheer.  Fuchsia gives a pretty, glowy iridescence, without a lot of colour.  It also has a light raspberry scent, which is noticeable, but not overpowering.  Full size glosses sell for $16.

Daylily Cream Shadow Minipot

Daylily is a metallic orangey copper colour.  It gives a pretty, subtle shimmer to your lids and is great for those days when you just need to swipe something on and be out the door.  It doesn't crease, but I do notice it gradually fading away throughout the day.  It works as a base under eye shadows too, although it won't do anything to stop them from creasing.  I wish it lasted a little better, but as long as you're not using it and expecting 18 hours of perfect wear, you should be fine.  The full size sells for $20, but since you really only use a small amount, I think it's unlikely I'd ever need more than a minipot size.

(L to R) Rasberry Lipstick, Fuchsia Lip Gloss, Daylily Cream Shadow

The Bottom Line
I had a good experience ordering from Zosimos Botanicals.  To me, their full size prices seem a little steep, but not any more so than a lot of other companies.  The lipstick was not a big enough hit that I would repurchase it, but I liked both the cream shadow and the lip gloss.  Another neat thing about Zosimos is that they offer the same colour across many of their makeup products.  For instance, fuchsia was a big hit for me, but in some ways I wished it was a bit more pigmented.  Next time, I could try it as either a lip pencil or lip and cheek color, since those are probably less sheer than the gloss.

Zosimos can also be found on Facebook and I recommend checking out their page, since they regularly offer sales and discounts there.



  1. Caitie, Thank you for the review! Yours are the best kind, the ones we know nothing about until posted (saw a notification on our FB page). I'm going to run your color descriptions by the staff and discuss making changes based on your comments. Have a beautiful day! Linda, owner of Zosimos Botanicals

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  3. Great review! I've never heard of this company before, I often find out about companies through your blog! I love how cute the mini sizes are :)

  4. That really is the cutest minigloss :)

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