iHerb Haul (+ a discount code!)

iHerb is a great site that brings together products from hundreds of brands and sells them all at discounted prices.  They sell tons of vitamins and also lots of natural bath and beauty and grocery items.  I placed my first order with them recently and was really excited when it came this week.

Shipping was inexpensive and also very quick.  I think I got a shipping notice within 2 hours of placing my order.  I forgot to take photos before I tore into it, so I don't have pictures of the packaging, but my order came in a box with everything individually sealed in plastic bags.  I especially appreciated this when the shampoo I ordered managed to leak in transit -  because of the way everything was wrapped, the mess was mostly contained and it didn't get on anything else.  Also, when I emailed iHerb about the leaking, they immediately credited me the whole cost of the shampoo - great customer service in my book!

I'm sure I'll do reviews of a lot of these products once I've had the chance to test them out, but in the mean time, I'll leave you with my first impressions of what I got.

Organic Excellence Wild Mint Shampoo - the shampoo I've been using got reformulated recently and the new version just isn't working for me.  I've heard really good things about this one!

Clif Honey Oat Crunch Granola Bars - Canada can be funny sometimes about what it manages to import.  We can get Clif products here, but only from certain product lines.  I've never seen these here before.

Honeybee Gardens Lipstick in Karma and Soft Kiss - I've been meaning to try Honeybee Gardens for a long time now.  These both look like really pretty colours.

Crazy Rumors Lipbalm in Cola - Another company I've heard a lot about.  I'm not crazy about the scent though - it really doesn't smell very much like cola to me. 

Now Foods Vanilla Lipbalm - iHerb lets you pick one free product/sample in every order, and this is what I chose.  I also received a couple other samples as well.

Bottom Line
I'm really happy with my iHerb order.  The combination of great prices, customer service and fast shipping has me already planning my next order :)
If you're new to iHerb, you can use the code ITI429 to get $5/$10 off your first order.



  1. Please review those lipsticks!! :) I've wanted to get some, and I love iHerb! They always have a great selection of cruelty-free products for much cheaper.

    Thanks for following me sweetie! I've followed you back. :)

  2. I'll definitely review them as soon as I've had a chance to test them out :)

    Thanks for following me back!

  3. Those are the two colors of lipsticks I have and I really like them both.

  4. I'm usually wary of nudes...it was your review that actually convinced me to give Karma a try! :)

  5. Clif and Luna Bars are my favorite! Also, I love the one Honeybee Gardens product I've tried. I might just have to check out their lipstick as well. :)

  6. I'm crazy to try HoneyBee Garden lipsticks, specially Karma. I need to buy one someday!

  7. Glad to find your blog!I follow you!I've been looking for beauty bloggers with the same common interest in safe cosmetic as me:) But the access is easier for you,I have to ship it miles away here to Indonesia^^..


  8. I never use vanilla lipbalms, simply because I just eat them.... hehe